Sol Macaluso jumped to ‘Got Talent’ for the performance of a girl who escaped from the war in Ukraine

The viewers of gottalent They were surprised this Tuesday, October 11, by the participation of a familiar face from the Mediaset universe. Sol Macalusothe reporter who stood out for her coverage of the ukrainian war For Informativos Telecinco, he sneaked onto the stage to present a performance that moved the jury and the public.

Sol Macaluso asks for the vote for Ukraine in Eurovision: "Do we need the ego of Spain winning?"

Sol Macaluso asks for the vote for Ukraine in Eurovision: “Do we need the ego for Spain to win?”

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“After having seen with my own eyes the horror of war and how the dreams and future of an entire country are reduced to ashes by barbarism, today I come to accompany a Ukrainian girl who was able to escape from the war”, Said the journalist in her reappearance before Risto, Edurne, Paula Echevarría and Dani Martínez. “Hopefully accompanying her we are accompanying the history of a country that still needs us and a lot,” she added, moving the judges.

In those he appeared on stage Angeline, a young Ukrainian woman who, at the age of 15, had to leave her country to seek a future in Spain with her mother. They now live in Benavente with the family that took them in when the war broke out. “I want people to listen to a Ukrainian song and I want peace for Ukraine”, affirmed the little artist, causing the first tears in those present before hearing her sing.

As a preview of the action, gottalent showed a video in which the participant and her mother tell their story: “I was sleeping in my room and I heard the bombing. My parents came and told me: don’t be scared, but the war has started”, she recalled. “We saw a lot of tanks and helicopters. They started flying over our house and shooting. She started crying and screaming, it was horrible. We moved to Spain, I needed to save my daughter, ”added her mother.

Angelina stopped singing when the war began due to psychological damage, but in her new home she has been able to recover her voice. The song chosen to debut on the Telecinco stage was precisely a typical theme of your country with which he was able to pay tribute to his compatriots.

Emotion after Angelina’s performance

The performance left glassy eyed jury, and also his companions backstage with Santi Millán. After the applause of an equally excited audience, the young artist burst into tears and Risto Mejide came over to hug her and thank her for her music.

“Barbarism and unreason have destroyed many things, but it cannot with talent. There are no armies, there are no flags, there are no borders that can with talented people. Talent will always beat barbarism”, praised the judge.

Along the same lines, and still with a lump in their throats, Paula Echevarría, Edurne and Dani Martínez were full of praise before giving a resounding “yes”. “I greatly admire the strength that your people are showing and the one that you show. You have done a round performance ”, valued the also comedian.

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