“I hope to have all your viewers”

Pass word received this Tuesday, October 11, a new group of famous guests, among whom stood out Sonsoles Onegathe brand new signing for the afternoons of Antenna 3. The presenter, who will soon lead the magazine And now Sonsoleswas received with honors by Robert Loyal before being his ‘opener’.

Sonsoles Ónega is getting closer and closer to its premiere on Antena 3: "We have a plan for you"

Sonsoles Ónega gets closer and closer to its premiere on Antena 3: “We have a plan for you”

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“Welcome home, yeah Pass word”, the presenter of the contest and new chain partner told him. “I’m in chapel, almost,” joked the ex of Mediaset, who confessed to having “a lot of nerves” about the imminent launch of his own format: “They are the butterflies that I have fluttering every morning. I’m really looking forward to getting started.” “Take a breath, we’re going to have a good time here and you’re training for what may come in your program,” the Andalusian recommended.

After playing on the orange team, and before Rafa and Orestes faced each other in ‘El Rosco’, the guest once again had time to talk about the program that her arrival at Atresmedia will entail: “I hope that [en Y ahora Sonsoles] there is everything that the viewer of Antena 3 likes. We want to seduce with the stories of life, that there is no bigger show”.

“It will be a daily program and I hope to have all your viewerslet them see us too”, added Sonsoles, let us remember that with his magazine he will occupy the slot that currently corresponds to Boom!. “May you and your entire team be very lucky, there are a lot of gigs there,” Leal wished him.

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