“It is a miracle that I am here today”

Anna Quintana has returned this Monday, October 10 to The AR program, 342 days later. The presenter, who has been absent from the sets of Telecinco Since last November 21, she announced her resignation to undergo treatment for breast cancer, she has returned to head her magazine with a message to her audience.

Susanna Griso, Pedro Sánchez and Nuria Roca welcome Ana Rosa Quintana: "I'm indebted"

Susanna Griso, Pedro Sánchez and Nuria Roca welcome Ana Rosa Quintana: “I’m in debt”

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It is a miracle that I am here today”, he said at the end of his speech, in his first contact with viewers in eleven months. Looking at the camera, and after giving her classic “good morning”, Ana Rosa has taken stock of what happened in her time away from television, both personally and with regard to the present.

“I told them we would see each other soon. It’s been a little long for me, but I’m here. I have an eternal debt with that immense affection that has come to me from all of you, from my colleagues and people I do not know who have sent me their prayers, even the pope has sent me a blessed rosary!

“You can’t imagine the altar I have at home with stamps, medals… and the amount of love I’ve received from the street. Above all, I have had a lot of love in my house from my husband, my children, my friends. Without my friends, everything would have been much harder. At this moment there are many people going through the same thing, thousands of women who are experiencing it or are going to experience it. I don’t plan to keep anythingso throughout the morning I will try to tell everything you want to know about this year”, added the presenter, who has been closer than ever.

Ana Rosa’s review of the present

After this first balance, Ana Rosa has linked with a current review: “The journalism bug has not left me, despite the fact that I have had to follow the news from the sofa at home. I have witnessed in the distance how a terrible war broke out in Europe; how an unprecedented crisis devastated us; record rise in electricity, gas, gasoline; how the leader of the opposition resigned; how government cell phones were hacked; the rupture with Algeria or the death of Elizabeth II. And today, I return and find myself with the crisis of one of the three pillars of the state: the judiciary.”

“During these months I have also had time to go to the market, I have verified that we are facing the highest prices in history and I have heard things that seemed absolutely impossible: I call it the miracle of elections. Miracles exist. It is a miracle that in times of crisis pensions can be raised by 8.5%, and that the autonomies lower personal income tax. You will not deny me that it is not a miracle to hear the announcement of a law that will evict squatters in 48 hours, taking into account that according to the Government this phenomenon does not exist. One hundred euros a month for raising children, free train trips, extraordinary items for Health, Science…”, he added before closing his speech.

“Don’t tell me that it is not miraculous that in the middle of the crisis we spend more than ever, and that the independence movement is broken. Ask and it will be granted to you, it is the miracle of the multiplication of votes and fish. And now, very seriously, it is a miracle that I am here today. Welcome“, it is finished. Next, and after showing some videos from the past, she joked about her look: “I see myself in those brunette images and I don’t recognize myself. Well, I don’t recognize myself now.”

In those he has appeared on the set Joaquin Prat, who has welcomed him with a heartfelt hug. “I’ve come back for the day I heard you saying ‘I’ve lost my mind.’ It has made me a huge ball ”, commented the presenter, referring to one of the last messages that her partner sent her through the screen. “I’m super nervousI have a dry throat. Is awesome. Everything has been so impressive, that within it is very hard, I don’t have life to thank so many people for the consolation.”

Before meeting again with Prat, Ana Rosa has also seen faces again with the presenters of the morning news, who have been handed over. “Today we leave you in the best company, that of Ana Rosa Quintana.” “I hope that we continue many more days saying good morning”, she has told them.

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