The embarrassing photos of Barbar Lennie that Pablo Motos has shown in El Hormiguero

I attended the program with Eduard Fernndez


The interpreter presented The crooked lines of God, a feature film directed by Oriol Paulo

Barbar's embarrassing photos
Barbar Lennie in The Anthill.Atresmedia

Barbar Lennie Y Edward Fernndez went on Monday, October 3 to the anthill to present the film The crooked lines of God. During the Interview, Paul Motorcycles showed some embarrassing photos of the actress in the recording of the tape.

“I have some pictures of you sleeping all the time on the shoot. What was going on there?” asked the presenter, a few words that disconcerted the guest. “Not all the time. What photos do you have?” she wanted to know.

The format then showed three snapshots of the artist taking a nap in the dressing room in the middle of filming. “Every week we started shooting at seven in the morning on Monday and usually finished at seven in the morning on Saturday. So it was pretty tough on the body. took advantage of any time“confessed the star. “She doesn’t work very well,” Fernndez joked.

this is the movie

Fernndez gave some details of the plot of The crooked lines of God. “He is a psychological thriller. It is a character who goes to a psychiatric hospital, which is her, Alice Gouldwho is the absolute protagonist of the film”, he said about the character of Lennie.

“He enters a psychiatric hospital to investigate a murder case supposedly. Within all this, she is waiting for the director of the psychiatric hospital to arrive, which is the role I play, and the audience has to find out if she really goes along with what he says or if not very well in the head as I say. Different situations are seen, maybe I am corrupt, maybe I have interests, or maybe I’m right and this woman needs psychological help,” he revealed.

In addition to Lennie and Fernndez, they complete the cast Loreto Maulen, Javier Beltrn, Pablo Derqui, Federico Aguado, bald oleander, Francis Xavier Pastor, Txell Aixendri Y Antonio Builamong other actors. The film, directed by Oriol Paul and based on the novel by Torcuato Luca de Tenareach Spanish cinemas on October 6.

Lennie is going to be a mother

Lennie is about to become a mother as she is expecting her first child with Diego Postigo. “I have three weeks left. At 37 weeks she’s already considered full term, so she can drop by whenever she wants,” he dropped.

Motos suggested that the birth could happen live. “It will be the only thing we haven’t done in the anthill. I know you can’t sleep right now and everything hurts, right?” I asked. “Yeah, stop being funny. You already want it to happen, it’s uncomfortable,” admitted the interviewee.

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