‘Nightmare in Paradise’ charged his two “evils” with a stroke of the pen and astonished with an express relationship

The fifth gala Nightmare in Paradise He changed his recorded nominations and expulsions for a live semi-gal, which allowed the audience to have a little more decision, as a last chance to attract an audience that has turned its back on him since his start.

'Nightmare in Paradise' passed its own game and subjected the contestants to the filthiest test

‘Nightmare in Paradise’ passed its own game and subjected the contestants to the filthiest test

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Thus, the old mechanics of reality forced the departure of two of the protagonists of the edition: Raquel Lozano and Xavier Font. While the new structure, far from protecting the most striking, not to keep the furniture, has also caused the nomination of two other important names: Gloria Camila and Omar Sanchez.

All this on a night in which Raquel and Marina faced each other on set, to later have parallel talks with Omar.

The soap opera Omar-Raquel-Marina-Anabel continues

Omar and Raquel settled their pending accounts with a conversation in which they talked about what happened between them so that a lasting relationship did not end up emerging: “You always asked me not to see Anabel, I got tired of so much Anabel and that you were not aware of me ”, the surfer reproached her, while she did not agree.

“You know that our relationship was very complicated,” said the former great sister and he asked her to understand the situation with Marina: “It has brought out feelings that I could not bring out with you, for whatever reason. I cannot be crucified for having fallen in love with another aunt” and she accepted it.

Although Raquel could not hold back her tears: “It has also been difficult for me. You don’t know what I’ve had to put up with outside. I have felt very vulnerable”, words that he accepted but not his attitude: “I don’t understand why you come in here if you are in such a bad way”, he reproached.

Raquel Lozano, the new expelled with pending accounts on set

After two nomination games, Xavier and Raquel were blacklisted and she chose Juan to be added to it. So the three of them went to El Refugio.

Upon returning from him and reuniting with his companions in El Consejo, they all decided to save Juan, so the protagonists of the new saw were Xavier and Raquel. One more week, it was the founder of Locomía who managed to finish off his rival.

So Raquel had only lasted a week on the farm but had had an intense step becoming one of the protagonists of the 7 days in which she was. “This experience has helped me to know what I do not want in my life”, he reflected.

Minutes later he arrived on set where Marina sentenced with a sentence: “Next time love yourself a little more.” To which the former great sister replied: “They are mistakes that are made and I hope it does not happen to you. You criticize me but you have done the same with Hugo [Paz] at Mtmad,” she said, referring to her ex-boyfriend. “It has been a short but intense week and it has served me well,” she confessed.

Directly they connected with the farm where Omar was with Lara. “Hi fat. I miss you a lot, I remember you a lot and obviously I’m waiting for you, silly, ”Marina told him, causing the contestant to smile. “I hope to give you a shot of energy and that you know that everything is fine and that I will wait for you”he reiterated.

To which he replied excitedly: “Know that I’m missing you a lot, every night I go to bed thinking about you. I don’t know what’s wrong with me but you have me crazy crazy. I am going to continue fighting, for you, for both of us and so that when it comes out we continue this story that is so beautiful”, he said to applause from the audience.

But Raquel also had something to say: “I have found the love that is what I wanted. He knows with whom. I told him about it inside the farm”, he let out, leaving everyone amazed at their express relationship. “In the end, neither the good ones are so good, nor the bad ones are so bad,” she added.

While Omar lamented what had happened: “I’m sorry I didn’t feel with you what I feel for Marina, but in feelings nobody rules. If you have really found love, I am glad.”

Xavier Font stopped being unbeatable

After Raquel left, the new nominees were Israel, Xavier and Marco. And for the first time the audience was the one that decided who was saved from the three: Marco Ferri.

The Italian celebrated it in style and let the two kings of the handsaw face the final duel. Although the bets were divided almost 50%, it was finally the seer who dropped the founder of Locomíawho had promised to go to the end killing all his companions.

Xavier collapsed when he hugged Lucía and she couldn’t hold back her tears either: “I’ve beaten Lucía on this show. She is a crack and the bullfighter. She wanted a little more of Paradise but they have defeated me” she said before leaving.

The two new nominees

But before he left, Xavier singled out Omar to become the new nominee. And the second one that was blacklisted was chosen by his peers, with nominations like the usual ones in other reality shows.

Among all the votes, it ended up being Gloria Camila the one that was added on a tightrope

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