Magda El Roumi: Standard Arabic is our identity and the common denominator among Arabs

On the evening of Wednesday, October 5, the Ministry of Culture completed the second edition of the “Singing in Standard Language” festival, at the theater of the late artist Abu Bakr Salem in Riyadh City Boulevard in Riyadh, the capital of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

Actress Magda El Roumi – Photo from the official account of the Ministry of Culture on Twitter

Led by Maestro Lebanon Baalbaki, the theater welcomed its audience with the song “We Will Stay” by the artist Magda El Roumi, after which she went up on the stage and sang her fans with her songs that are the most preferred by the Saudi audience, which she started with the song “Ayak Layal Safia”, which was written by the writer Anwar Suleiman, and composed by Jamal Salama. And then she welcomed the audience by saying: “Good evening, the evening of Saudi Arabia, dear to our hearts, the evening of the good land, its beloved people and its honorable leadership… the evening of the authentic country that God has singled out with gifts to open its doors to the world so that everyone who is thirsty can drink from the spring of this blessed land.”

She stressed that the Lebanese people know the value of this land greatly, and they have great appreciation for it, as well as the respect it deserves, as she thanked them from her heart, stressing that they are like arteries in the heart, and confirmed that she missed her Saudi audience, and was happy to sing at this concert, indicating that she was very surprised by him, She did not imagine that there is anyone in the Arab world who could hold nights celebrating the songs sung in Al-Fusha. She thanked the Minister of Culture, Prince Badr bin Abdullah bin Farhan, noting that they are friendly aspirations for the future, stressing that these giant steps will raise the cultures and fine arts to the top, and She continued singing with her distinctive feeling to sing the songs “I passed in my imagination” and “Do not ask” and the song “Do not get angry”, which she confirmed that she sang it with all the love of her and her band, despite the fact that they are going through difficult and impossible circumstances in Lebanon, indicating that they cling to life and leave problems aside to rejoice and sing In Saudi Arabia, she thanked the audience for their love and what they see as a wonderful reception in Saudi Arabia, and then she continued to sing to sing the song “Your Love” and “Be My Friend” and was distinguished by the song “I love you so much”, with which the audience interacted greatly, and it was written by Nizar Qabbani and composed by Marw. Ann Khoury, and continued to sing in the words of Nizar Qabbani to sing the song “Beirut Sitt Al-Dunya”, and then continued to sing with high enthusiasm to sing her song “In the Night of the Sari” and “I Need You” and “I love you to sing” and continued singing with the words of Nizar Qabbani and composed by Kazem El Saher to shine With the song “I promised you”, and then I asked the audience of the concert if they were tired of the classical songs, to answer them: “This is our identity that unites the Arabs, and it is our heritage and the common denominator between us, and it is necessary that we preserve it.” “.

Actress Magda El Roumi – Photo from the official account of the Ministry of Culture on Twitter

It is noteworthy that the festival comes with the support of the Quality of Life Program, one of the programs to achieve the Saudi Vision 2030, and is organized by the Ministry of Culture as part of its efforts to support the Arabic language and enhance its presence in society, through innovative creative forms that mix the jewels of classic Arabic poems with singing and modern artistic performances.
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