“What we hear is stranger than fiction.” Farida Seif Al-Nasr comments on the cancellation of Mohamed Ramadan’s concert in Alexandria

The artist, Farida Seif Al-Nasr, expressed her dissatisfaction with the cancellation of the concert of the artist, Mohamed Ramadan, which was scheduled to be held in the city of Alexandria this October.
Over the past few days, campaigns have spread on social media platforms calling for the cancellation of Mohamed Ramadan’s concert in Alexandria based on the desire of the city’s residents. .
Farida Saif Al-Nasr published a post on her official account on “Facebook”, in which she announced her solidarity with Muhammad Ramadan because of what happened to him. And she said through him, “He is in eh…Mohamed Ramadan, so much more, what we hear is stranger than fiction. Throughout our lives, we make a theater in Maria, the bride of the White Sea…All our lives we know her opening her arms to art, and she is the source of the most generous people who have tasted all colors of the level. Mr. Darwish, Lahd Badara, and Hama Beca and more than that, he and his colleague, I mean, there is no god but God, by the idea of ​​the one who destroyed his house who organized the party, and you know them real, they sold all the tickets. His fans are all young, and the vast majority of them are marginalized by the hatred of the old and the attempts to threaten, but if your happiness rests, we care about your comfort, Lord, in coolness and peace, O I cover, O Lord.”
And she added: The person responsible for the statement is missing, he enters the person who is not in his mood with a visa, and who is not able to understand him, the artist, if he has a life, will last longer than any center and a fleeting chair. Any official, this is all of us, most of us, our parents are there at the bride, the generosity of the world, and the Alexandrian grandmother. He does not hate anyone and loves all colors.
And she continued: What do permits mean? All the governorates of Egypt belong to the Egyptians..and every time this is a time to declare a party known to all and I mean foreigners are doing everything and parties for non-Egyptians on our heads, but for her son, what is he in? War and hatred are not so much that Alexandria is its people, but it is they who decide, even if they say It’s fine, but when I’m with an official, I can’t help, and the one who talks to me and tells me to tell him is it your job with him, what is this literature? First of all, Ramadan does not need anything. The one who nominated me is Muhammad Sami, and I wanted to work hard with him, and I love him and love him very much from heart to heart. If he catches me and treats me with heroism, I won’t be bothered like that, but seriously, it is forbidden to guide me.
Farida Seif Al-Nasr concluded her speech: And another simple one, we are making a play for him in our country, Alexandria, and we know that he remained with a statement and no great disappointment, after this whole life in it and before these chairs did not sit on it, and when he went to face a lot and walked with a pension, he is in what, and it is not possible to take a visa Soon, what will remain for the artists, all of them remain, and it will not be done for Ramadan, but my eyes, my son, nice visa, this is not the scheme, forgetting God’s help, and I remain, our Lord created me like this and lose on the idea, but I win myself who honestly and finds him seriously wronged, or targeted Motivated as long as he is convinced, it is not the worst thing in it, but all the matter of our Lord, everything that he fights, he expands on him, and he stands by his side, and his lovers increase. This is a piece of our soul and life we ​​understand, peace.”

Participation in Ramadan 2023 drama season
The artist Farida Seif Al-Nasr is participating in the series “Al-Omda” starring Mohamed Ramadan, and he is scheduled to compete in the upcoming Ramadan 2023 drama. The first scenes are Mohamed Ramadan and a number of artists.
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