this is how the houses of Contubernio 49 are

the one that is coming has thrown the house out the window for him change of scenery that will live in the premiere of its thirteenth season, which will arrive next November 18th a Amazon Prime Video. around that date, Telecinco will also premiere in open just the first episode of the batch.

'La que se avecina' reveals its renewed plots and presents the new building for its 13th season, which has a premiere date

‘La que se avecina’ reveals its renewed plots and presents the new building for its 13th season, which has a premiere date

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watch TV has had the opportunity to visit the new fiction sets, which recreate an old stately building located in a “posh neighborhood” in the center of Madrid. The property is divided into two zones (exterior and interior floors) separated by a central patio. That partition will cause a class struggle between neighborssince the quality and conditions of the houses located on each side are very different.

The community of neighbors (with the new characters of the series), will be distributed as follows:


  • Lower Inside Left: Les Chiques: Andy (Elisabeth Larena), Giorgi (Jaime Riba) and Karma (Álex Delacroix)
  • Under Inside Right: Antonio Recio (Jordi Sánchez) and Berta (Nathalie Seseña)
  • First Inside Left: Housing under construction, still without known owners or tenants
  • First Inside Right: Lola’s (Macarena Gómez) Airbnb, a tourist apartment that will be managed by her father, Fermín (Fernando Tejero)
  • Second Interior Left: Vicente (Ricardo Arroyo) and Remedios (Helena Dueñas), his wife
  • Second Inside Right: Mrs. Fina (Petra Martinez)
  • Left Inside Third: Óscar (Félix Gómez), a seductive photographer
  • Right Inside Third: Amador (Pablo Chiapella) and Agustin (Carlos Areces)

Who lives where in ‘La que se avecina’

Bruno’s ‘Coffee Shop’

Who lives where in ‘La que se avecina’

Rafaela, ‘the Marchioness’


  • Local Exterior Left: Empty premises, owned by Noelia (Inma Pérez Quirós)
  • Local Outside Right: Cafebrería (Cafeteria + Bookstore), owned by Bruno (Luis Merlo)
  • First Outer Left: Victoria Rafaela (Mamen García), the Marchioness and Logi (Margarita Asquerino), her assistant
  • First Outside Right: Menchu ​​(Loles León) and Yoli (Look at Ibarguren)
  • Second Outer Left: Maite (Eva Isanta) and Alonso (Álex Gadea), her new boyfriend, a separated father with two children
  • Second Outside Right: Greta (Laura Gómez Lacueva), pharmacist and president of the community; Esteban (Carlos Chamarro), her husband; and Julia, their teenage daughter
  • Third Outer Left: Noelia (Inma Pérez Quirós), psychotic sister of the Marchioness, also an aristocrat
  • Third Outer Right: Bruno (Luis Merlo) and Fermin (Fernando Tejero)

– The goal: Inside the courtyard is the room in which he lives Modest, community octogenarian doorman. for now, Coke (nacho warriors) does not have an assigned home… will he come to the building to replace Modesto after his retirement or death?

– Street premises: For the first time, the series will feature real exteriors recreated in the vicinity of the production company’s studios. The new building is on the corner of Contubernio Street (home of the characters) and Bendito Socorro. In the first, there is the pharmacy of Noelia and a local feeding; in the second, the cafeteria of Bruno (which also faces the main street), a Chinese restaurant (which adjoins the Los Recio apartment) and a despues de.

These are some of the new flats of ‘La que se avecina’:

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