“There’s every ‘atocinao’ out there…”

If anything has shown Karlos Arguinano in his years of career in Antenna 3, beyond his skill in the kitchen, is that he does not mince words. The chef does not hesitate to comment on current issues, and if a few weeks ago he made headlines for his comments on the death of Isabel II and the coronation of Carlos III, he has once again attracted attention for his analysis of brazil elections.

Arguiñano, on the funeral of Elizabeth II: "They have moved the grandmother well, she will be complaining"

Arguiñano, on the funeral of Isabel II: “They have moved the grandmother well, she will be complaining”

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“In Brazil there have been elections too. It seemed that Lula I was going to win, the one on the left, but the right is powerful. The East Bolsonaro”, Arguiñano begins by pointing out while cooking some aubergines stuffed with chicken and ham.

Next, and referring to the current president –who will have to face a second round against Lula da Silva-, adds: “It is the one that said, when the pandemic, that people should not be vaccinated. Do you know how many have voted for that? 51 million. I flip… a phenomenon!” he snaps, ironic.

“I don’t know who will be more of a freak of the two, but this… a freak. He said you didn’t have to get vaccinated… there’s every ‘boss’ out there…”, adds the cook with ‘joke’, who finally chooses to refocus his attention on the kitchen: “We eat ‘rico rico’ , that there is every atocinao out there…”.

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