‘Joaquín, el novato’ debuted on Antena 3 as the evolved version of Bertín

Antena 3 has premiered this Wednesday Joaquin, the rookie, the first television program with the Real Betis Balompié footballer at the helm. The Andalusian has launched into the cathodic adventure become one of the talismans of the audiences, as we already analyzed. Therefore, little could go wrong in his new challenge of finding the profession that he will dedicate himself to once he retires from the playing fields.

Joaquín Sánchez, a magnet for audiences: all the times that Antena 3's 'El Novato' has already "thrashed" on TV

Joaquín Sánchez, a magnet for audiences: all the times that Antena 3’s ‘El Novato’ has already “scored” on TV

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With this premise, Proamagna has created a format in which Joaquín will try a different job, interviewing famous icons from various disciplines, which will help prepare you for a real experience with each and every one of the different jobs. A bet that has generated great expectation.

However, the unmistakable seal (of quality) of the producer of my house is yours and have as protagonist in its first installment David Munoz has not helped when it comes to differentiate the new space from the previous one presented by Bertín Osborne. The structure has been practically the same: an interview with the celebrity, the experience of both between the stove and the meal afterwards with family and friends.

It might look like the same program, only with a more relaxed tone, with less emotion in the passages of the interview and with an evolution in the presenter’s profile: And it is that, if there is something Joaquín has that Bertín did not have – apart from a prodigious humor – it is the lack of shame and “straightening”.

Osborne had a roof and that was what the social canons of his image as an Iberian macho put on him. Instead, Joaquín is from another generation, from which he allows himself to laugh at himself, shamelessly make a fool of himself, dance, sing and challenge the limits imposed by a society that has already evolved and feels more comfortable with it. Hence the magic of him with the audience.

Let’s not fool ourselves, The “soccer fan” ingredient that Joaquín adds is also attractive in each interview: revealing how athletes eat in their daily lives, what life has been like for many of them when they retire, and the difficulties that come with success at an early age.

But talks with celebrities we have already seen (and many). What Joaquín, the rookie, brings is just that: a new presenter profile, “fresh”, spontaneous, wanting to roll up his sleeves and, above all, without armor that prevents you from evolving your character.

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