“I forget that you are red!”

The intermediate could not escape from the pink news and invited, this Wednesday, the protagonist of the heart of recent weeks: “Tonight we have with us Tamara Falcó herself”, reported The Greater Wyoming.

Tamara Falcó and Íñigo Onieva's soap opera monopolizes television, from TVE to laSexta

Tamara Falcó and Íñigo Onieva’s soap opera monopolizes television, from TVE to laSexta

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Thus, the presenter moved to the center of the set to sit next to Cristina Gallego who embroidered the imitation of Isabel Preysler’s daughter. “Hey, you’re not as stupid as my golf teacher says”, she began by confessing the aristocrat.

Wyoming did not hide being aware of the notorious breakup of his guest and went straight to ask about his state of mind, after her: “I am very calm, I have felt very supported by my mom, by my priest, the service, by my catechism classmatesmy dogs that have peed in a moving box but nothing happens because it was one of Iñigo’s boxes, ”said the imitator with a laugh.

He also took the opportunity to clarify his controversial statements about sexual diversity, which he said in Mexico: “I spoke of many types of sexualities and the truth is that there were many, There are more sexualities than brothers at my Christmas Eve dinner! he exclaimed.

The presenter also pointed out his great professional moment, having a documentary series, collaborating in programs with maximum audience (such as El Hormiguero, which was broadcast at that time, on Antena 3) and not biting his tongue, for which he asked him why the war in Ukraine: “Shall we pray a rosary to see if we finish with Putin? Oh sorry you’re red, I forgot”she answered hurriedly.

Nor was he cut off by reiterating that he would not get “communist vaccines” and that he is excited by the return of the emeritus king to Spain because he is “disadvantaged because he can no longer ski.”

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