‘High tension’ picked up a contestant after unfairly eliminating him: “We were wrong”

High voltage has been forced to rectify an error for which it gave a valid answer as incorrect, which led to the elimination of one of its contestants. The affected person turned out to be Alberto, and Christian Galvez explained what happened: “We are aware that from time to time we make mistakes, and we have no shame when it comes to saying it. In Alberto’s case, we asked him a question, something like ‘who was Marisol’s first husband?’ It was between Goyanes and Gades. Gades was the correct answer for us and no, it was Goyanes, the one you said”.

This will be '25 words', Christian Gálvez's new contest on Mediaset after the end of 'High tension'

This will be ’25 words’, Christian Gálvez’s new contest on Mediaset after the end of ‘High tension’

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Given this rectification of the program, Alberto was once again invited to the contest after an unfair elimination that has been resolved in program 292, as Gálvez settled: “Since we made a mistake, we call you, We gave you the opportunity to come, and you have decided to come to continue looking for a partner, right?”, including this last joke as a joke by the host and the participant.

The presenter, who is already preparing his new project for Mediaset that will mean the end of High voltageended by adding a few last words of apology: “We apologize publicly, thank you for accepting the invitation and playing”. The contestant took the iron off the matter and showed his willingness to want to go far and earn a lot of money.

However, the attempt was left at that, an attempt, and Alberto left the program on Tuesday afternoon. Therefore, his repechage has turned out to be unsuccessful, and after his return to the format, the candidate has remained only 2 programs before being eliminated.

The cancellation of ‘High tension’

High voltage he turned off his cameras the day September 28, when the last day of recording the contest took place. Although the date of the last broadcast of the Cuatro desktop program is still unknown, everything will depend on how many deliveries they have recorded in the chamber.

It should be remembered that the presenter was in charge of relaunching the format that had three broadcasts in our country, the first and most successful with Constantino Romero on Antena 3; the second with Luis Larrodera in Cuatro; and a third more ephemeral one, with Yvonne Reyes for Veo Tv. At this stage, Cuatro has been moving in figures of around 3-4% of screen share. This summer, Mediaset also trusted the brand to prepare a series of specials in prime time, which also did not have enough success.

Although the presenter has not stood still and beyond High voltage introduced this summer Tonight I win a talent show produced by Bulldog TV that featured celebrity guests. The format settled for an average of 7.9%, and its last two galas were broadcast at late night, where the crowning of its winner, Edu Soto, took place.

after finishing High voltage, It has already been announced that Christian Gálvez will get behind the wheel of 25 words. It will be the new contest that Mediaset and its production company are preparing Audiovisual Phoenixwhich adapts the American format known as 25 words or less based on a famous board game. Mediaset would have already registered the name of 25 words for your new project, as indicated The Confi TV and it appears in the Spanish office of the patents and brand. In addition, it is expected that its premiere is scheduled for the last quarter of the year.

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