Save me: Jorge Javier once again stands up for the make-up artists, hairdressers and tailors fired by Mediaset: “It’s not the same”

Jorge Javier Vazquez he wanted to get involved with him makeup, hairdressing and tailoring team that was fired by Mediaset at the start of this season. The presenter of Save methat already expressed his discontent with Telecinco for making a decision of this magnitude, has wanted to organize a party in recognition of the employees who have worked in the chain for the last twenty years.

Jorge Javier confesses why he has come back changed and makes a warning about 'Sálvame'

Jorge Javier confesses why he has come back changed and makes a warning about ‘Sálvame’

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Through his personal Instagram account, the Catalan has revealed some snapshots of the meeting he held with his former teammates. “Twenty years. A lifetime with my makeup artists, hairdressers and tailors. The chain is not the same without them. In fact, The world that I knew is cracking to give way to another in which lasting relationships are increasingly difficult to find”, reflects Jorge Javier in the text that accompanies the image.

Despite everything, the television channel feels “lucky” to “belong to their lives”: “The world goes on but we will stay together forever. Those are great too Mellis who livened up the evening for us”, concludes Vázquez, alluding to the private concert that the singers gave during the evening.

‘Save me’ spoke out against the mass dismissal

Jorge Javier had already made it clear that he was “shocked” when he heard the news of the mass dismissal of Mediaset employees. The presenter, who has just renewed his long-term contract with Telecinco, assured that “the makeup and hairdressing room is the soul of a chain”. “It is difficult to say goodbye to colleagues who were already family. Thank you for always taking care of us, ”she reflected on her Twitter account.

The Catalan was pronounced shortly after his classmates Save me did the same from the format’s own set. “The whole team wants to give a very strong kiss, including makeup, sound, direction, production. All the world. A very strong kiss to those who have been our confidants, our coaches”Terelu Campos began by saying, that day at the head of the broadcast.

“We want to send a huge kiss and all our support to the best team of professionals, to the best makeup and hairdressing team of all television stations in this country. And I say that knowingly. You have our love, support and friendship that we have forged over many years. And that is the best thing we have between them and us”, she sentenced before the rest of the collaborators joined the support.

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