“I am a picture, a mentally unstable person”

Master Chef Celebrity 7 broadcasts this Monday night its fourth gala in The 1 of TVE. After saying goodbye to Emmanuel Esparza, Eduardo Rosa and Ruth Lorenzo, the culinary show with celebrities continues and defines some of the public’s favorites.

Nico Abbot: "What Juanma Castaño has merit.  Not winning 'MasterChef', but not kicking him out of the Cope"

Interview | Nico Abad: “Juanma Castaño has merit. Not winning ‘MasterChef’, but not kicking him out of Cope”

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Among them is Lorraine Castell, with whom we were able to speak taking advantage of the presentation of the program in the past FesTVal de Vitoria. As with Nico Abad, María Escoté, Patricia Conde or Norma Duval; we chatted with the collaborator and presenter of zapping at laSexta to find out how he had handled this new television adventure.

What did you know how to do in the kitchen before entering MasterChef?

I was microwaving with the silicone container. It’s not like I only heated dishes in the microwave, no. I put it in the Lékue, and there you put your little bay leaf, your rosemary… so I have the base [ríe]. I would give myself an entry score to MasterChef 3 out of 10. I have a family that are super cooks in my house, my mother cooks like crazy and she loves it. And I have a very good palate because I have always eaten very well. Not haute cuisine, which is something I’ve been interested in very recently, but very good homemade and traditional food. And you realize that this gives you a certain advantage because maybe you know more than you thought. What happens is that I’ve been working in midday programs for almost 10 years, so I haven’t cooked a stew at home. Like every day in the kitchen of zapping, and salads. And it is true that not cooking, especially midday meals, makes you lose your hand.

Has Miki Nadal helped you, as Patricia Conde told us?

What has Miki helped you? To what? [Ríe].

Well, rather it encouraged him, simply.

Miki neither me nor Patricia. She told us: “Go and enjoy. And get your act together.” Because it is true that you have a level, but let’s not fool ourselves: if you want to go far in MasterChef, you have to teach and work hard. Find you a teacher, a chef, or whatever. In this edition I think that between us there has not been much strategy of lying to each other and such. We have a group on WhatsApp, and every time we went to some classes we shared videos of how things are done. We have shared a lot. If someone couldn’t go to a class of any kind, we recorded it for them. In that chat, we have all had all the information, although some could not come. I know that in other editions those videos have not been passed, because each one takes their notes and that’s it. But this has been an edition to give us ideas, because in the end the growth of one is the growth of the other, although later there comes a time when you have to compete. That’s cool to share.

Has that been maintained?

It is that even people who have been leaving the contest, have continued to receive and give that information, because it has continued to be there. That not because they have “fumigated” you are going to be left without the information.

In the end you can not create a character

Lorraine Castell

You’ve been in LOL, The challengenow in MasterChef… Which Lorena do you show on the show?

I’ve been through many shows and they’ve all been a similar experience, but this is me in its purest form: very bossy, laughing at everything, giving a voice from time to time… in the end you can’t create a character for yourself.

Have you shown a more vulnerable face?

Hey, I’m a painting. I am a mentally unstable person, I have said it many times during the contest: Luckily I am going to therapy, because my head would have exploded!

How has your relationship with the judges been?

The easy comments that give you the ear do not make you evolve, they do not help you, but criticism is always constructive. I have incredible affection for the three of them and I have been grateful, even though I was in a vulnerable moment, for the harsh criticism. It is something that makes you grow.

How have you handled the emotional downturns of the program, the moments of greatest stress?

Many colleagues have said that it is very hard. And it is the rhythm of work, because there are many hours, but the communion that is generated among all the people is also very beautiful and we become a pineapple, a family. These reality shows that everyone gets into a house and say that ‘everything is magnified’, here it has also happened without being locked up.

Do you come out of this adventure stronger?

MasterChef It has ruined my life because I am a person who has always been satisfied with a normal kitchen [ríe]. I have not valued it so much until I saw how it is suffered to cook a miniature for three hours and then they tell you that it is salty. You value cooking more, but now when you go to eat anywhere else it makes me very angry because you become like a ‘picky’, because your gastronomic level has grown.

There have been tests that I asked: What are they about?

Lorraine Castell

How have you experienced competition?

It is a program in which it is cool to take risks, to have fun with the food you have. And those of us who are a little more unaware when it comes to cooking and don’t give a damn about mixing curry with meat and I don’t know what, maybe we have fewer prejudices, and that has worked for me. I’ve taken a risk with some dishes that I thought were going to be disgusting, and then they told me they were good. It’s cool not to put barriers when it comes to cooking, and I’ve seen how colleagues who had a very basic kitchen like mine, have made amazing dishes.

Have many knives flown between the companions?

It does not seem to me that it was an edition of many knives. It is true that when you enter what you want is to evolve, grow, and that the others leave before you. But it is not a question of competitiveness, but of survival. You have to unleash all your arts and be a little ‘eagle’, because not everyone is good at cooking, there are people who think they aren’t and then it turns out they have a hand, another who thinks they have an incredible level and then no… The good thing about this program is that everyone has the same opportunities to learn and grow.

Is there a lot of female strength this year?

I have asked for a women’s final, but I don’t know if we will have it. I see many aunts, I think it could be very cool, we come from a precedent from the previous year that was Miki and Juanma, and I think that two aunts would also be very cool. But it’s all very unpredictable, things happen and people come and go on this show. Not because you think you are the best you are going to reach the final, nor because you are the worst you are going to stay at the beginning.

Have you had difficulties with the tests?

There have been tests that I asked: “What are they about?” [ríe]. Really, some of them made you want to say: “But have you seen the culinary level that I have? This is impossible”. They are very heavy tests, with some chefs who come and have a very brutal level, some pastry tests that make you go crazy. And not only tests and challenges, but also giant foods. It’s just… you fillet a turbot! We’ve had a terrible time! [ríe].

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