María León, arrested in Seville for allegedly assaulting a local police

The actress Mary Leon She was arrested in the early hours of this Saturday, October 1, for allegedly assaulting an agent of the Seville Local Police.

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According to Seville Journalwhich cites police sources, the events occurred at five in the morning when a municipal patrol stopped a man driving a bicycle with a crystal glass in his hand and symptoms of drunkennessas was later confirmed by certifying that he allegedly doubled the allowed blood alcohol level.

While the agents identified him, a group of people, among which was María Leónbegan to rebuke the police for the action they were carrying out.

Apparently, the interpreter took out her cell phone to record the scene and, according to the aforementioned newspaper, hurled insults at the agents, who at that time asked her to identify herself. León said that he did not carry the DNI, for which she was asked to ride in the patrol car to be duly identified at police stations.

The actress entered the vehicle without resisting but, when she was inside, other people surrounded the car to prevent her from passing. From inside, the well-known artist, 38, allegedly banged on the patrol car’s doors as she screamed. León escaped thanks to one of the companions opening the car, however, she was hit by an agent who allegedly punched her in the face and kicked her legs several times.. At that moment, one of the people grabbed the agent from behind, although the situation did not escalate thanks to the intervention of another municipal officer.

María León was arrested and taken to police facilities accused of having committed a crime of assault on authority. The actress will go to court on the morning of this Saturday. The attacked police received medical care at a city hospital.

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