Jorge Javier confesses why he has come back changed and makes a warning about ‘Sálvame’

A Jorge Javier Vazquez he doesn’t like the weather he’s found himself in Save me when he returned from his summer vacation. The presenter believes that the laziness of some talk show hosts is making the program look like “a funeral home”, something that, in his opinion, could have fatal consequences for the format it produces The TV Factory.

Patiño criticizes Rafa Mora for his questions to Anabel Pantoja, and he points to the direction of 'Sálvame'

Patiño criticizes Rafa Mora for his questions to Anabel Pantoja, and he points to the direction of ‘Sálvame’

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“I have come very fast because at times the program seems like a funeral home. Either you give it extra energy or you get infected by how flattened you are at times, ”the showman complained in deluxe fridaywhere he took advantage of polygraph of Bethlehem Esteban to explain why his behavior has changed since he returned from vacation.

Jorge Javier has stepped on the accelerator and that is taking its toll on him: “I end up exhausted. I have noticed that you have to pull a lot of the car because there are collaborators who do not directly speak “he added very seriously. The silence that fell on the set was only interrupted by the village princesswho agreed with his partner.

The presenter, who has just renewed his contract with Mediaset, warned that this apathy that is breathed on the set of Save me could kill the showwhich has long been mired in a major audience crisis that has not been able to be solved with the gazillion changes that have been carried out.

“Either you speed up and try to spread the rhythm, or you go with the flow. And I don’t want to get carried away because I want this program to continue and we continue working. And if it’s hard for me to be accelerated, I’ll lower the revolutions, but as a professional I understand that you have to put the fifth every day… and it’s not getting into. The worst thing you can do is get carried away by laziness. Shrimp that falls asleep, the current carries it away”.

Although he avoided naming the commentators who, in his opinion, are performing worse, he was asked to point them out. And he got wet: “The other day Carmen Borrego did not speak until an hour and a half had passed. This is a program that has to be alive and in which you have to get wet even if the subject does not go with you “.

Last night, deluxe friday reduced his audience even more. The talk show was only seen by an average of 901,000 viewers, 10.4% of those who were connected to television at that time. The voice of Antena 3 hooked 19.5% of the public.

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