‘It’s already summer’ said goodbye with gratitude and having to rectify false information

Is summer this Sunday reached its last day of broadcast in Telecinco, after being a summer test (which ended in the fall) that has left highly criticized television moments, and that has been far from convincing the audience. Something that has been definitive for his goodbye and to be replaced by Partythe new program emma garcia on its return to weekend afternoons shortly after being canceled Live life.

'It's already summer' (11.8%) says goodbye with a record audience on Telecinco before returning her place to Emma García

Audiences | ‘It’s already summer’ (11.8%) says goodbye with a record audience on Telecinco before returning her place to Emma García

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“Today is September 25, I don’t know if you know what that means. It means that it is over, now yes, the summer. It has been 9 weekends, 90 quite intense hours. We hope that you have enjoyed at least what we have enjoyed with you and Now yes, it’s time to pick up the umbrella”stated María Verdoy before giving way to a video-summary of the highlights of the program.

After that, they were Veronica Dulanto, Frank Blanco and Marta Gonzalez Novo those who were saying goodbye to what has been their program for nine weeks. They did it with the entire team of the program on the set, applauding the last moment of the presenters in front of it.

The first to do so was Verónica Dulanto, who began by thanking: I wanted to thank all the public, the team, Mediaset, we have been very happy this summer. All the luck to the one who comes, thank you from the bottom of my heart”he said, already winking at what is to come from Emma García.

Martha Gonzalez Novo moved was the following: “They have given me the opportunity to have fun like a girl, I have met amazing people, they have treated us so well, they have taken such good care of us, thank you, thank you, thank you”. Then Frank Blanco closed, somewhat more succinctly, saying: “We have to go, thanks for everything we’ve experienced. We have to go because ‘it’s not summer anymore’”.

They had to rectify false information

If by itself all farewells are somewhat bitter, that of Is summer it was something else. And it is that the program had to rectify false information that it gave the day before about the infidelity of Inigo Onieva a Tamara Falco.

The Telecinco program allocated part of its Saturday agenda to Onieva’s infidelity, giving information that turned out to be false and had to be denied on Sunday. Apparently, the woman with whom the Marquise de Griñón’s fiancé was kissing it was not the brazilian model named Marina that they said as a scoop (although they excused themselves by saying that many other media picked it up).

“Because of the rush we assumed it was her, but it’s not true” Frank Blanco rectified this Sunday, adding: “An eyewitness to the kiss assures that it is not her. That hat would not be worn by Marina ”, complementing the rectification of the false information given by the program shortly before her farewell.

The key was given to the program by a friend of Íñigo Onieva who contacted via message stating that Marina was not the one in the video: “The hat is not the same”. The program did not miss the opportunity to ask if he knew who the girl was, to which Onieva’s friend replied: “Burning Man is full of pretty girls. He just looks better, deeper and you’ll see that it’s not Marina in the video. She never wore that outfit… It’s not her hat.”

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