Antena 3: ‘La Voz’ was “very wrong” with a contestant and scolded an impersonator: “Don’t do it!”

The coaches of The voice They were miserably wrong at the gala this Friday. At least he thinks so Laura Pausinowho felt tremendous rage because none of them turned around when Martha Mallo went on stage at the talent show Antenna 3.

Jorge Javier confesses why he has come back changed and makes a warning about 'Sálvame'

Jorge Javier confesses why he has come back changed and makes a warning about ‘Sálvame’

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The young woman covered the song on piano Someone you loved, by Lewis Capaldi, a song listened to ad nauseam in recent years. That was what he possibly played against him, as he made him see Anthony Orozcoand perhaps for this reason none of the coaches wanted to integrate her into their team.

At the end of the performance, Laura Pausini was resounding: “We have made a lot of mistakes here. It is not normal that we have not pressed any of the four “. The 26-year-old from Madrid contained her emotion and was very correct. But Pausini couldn’t believe what had just happened: “I recognize your quality and you don’t deserve to leave. You have something very interesting…”

“I apologize. I know I was wrong, ”she lamented. “It is not normal that none of the four of us have noticed some quality in her. She is brave, very brave. I’m not happy, she deserved it. I was wrong”, sentenced Pausini.

The coaches also felt they had been wrong about Gabriel Herrera. The applicant came on stage with his guitar to cover how to look at you by Sebastian Yatra. However, the jury’s assessment was unanimous: “You sing well, but why do you sing like Yatra? If you imitate a singer that already exists, what interests people? And above all, who are you? Because, you imitate him a lot, too much, perhaps involuntarily and that makes me feel bad, “said the Italian.

“You are a person who has a voice that is always in tune, with a very interesting timbre… And all the endings were like he does. Please do not do it! Music is that it comes out as you are. It is impossible for you to come out the same as another singer. And you can win a contest like this”, added Pausini.

That said, they all agreed that they should give him a second chance. This is an ability that they can only use once throughout all the auditions, so they had to be very sure that Gabriel deserved this gift.. And after listening to her again to verify that she could get rid of that vice of imitating Yatra, they gave her the chance to stay in the contest.

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