A popular US presenter commits suicide after breaking up with her fiancé seven weeks before they were married


Neena Pacholke, 27, shot herself in the house she had bought with her ex-partner

Neena Pacholke, in an image I uploaded
Neena Pacholke, in an image that she uploaded to her social networks.Facebook

Not overcoming a sentimental break has been the cause that has led a television presenter in Wisconsin (USA) to take his own life.

neena pacholke27, has committed suicide seven weeks after her fiancé ended their relationship and the wedding was called off.

According to the TMZ portal, Pacholke would have shot himself in the house they had bought together last July.

The fateful end took place in the city of Wausau a month agobut the details of this event have been released.

The deceased had sent several messages to her friends before committing suicide, in which she explained the tremendous pain that he had been suffering since her former partner left her.

The media reports that it was precisely her acquaintances who alerted the police to go see her, since Neena was worrying them about the messages with ideas of suicide that they had received.

The same portal reflects that she herself had spent the night before searching the internet for different ways to commit suicide.

Kyle Haase, the ex-fiancé, received one last message saying “sorry to do this to you, but I can’t bear this suffering anymore“.

When the policemen came to the house they heard a shot. When they entered, the agents found the presenter lying on the ground next to a gun.

Among his personal belongings they found the purchase ticket for the weapon with which he shot himself, which had bought 90 minutes before.

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