Telecinco: Isa Pantoja responds in ‘AR’ to the latest attacks by her brother Kiko Rivera: “He is a despicable person”

Isa Pantoja has lived this Friday a moment of the most tense on the set of Ana Rosa’s program after the morning of Telecinco put the harsh statements that Kiko Rivera has launched against her through a well-known magazine. The DJ’s sister has reacted to criticism live, showing his fed up with the Sevillianwhom he never wants to see again in his life.

Anabel Pantoja, against 'Save me' for the "hurtful" questions from the 'fencer' Rafa Mora: "I didn't deserve this"

Anabel Pantoja, against ‘Sálvame’ for the “hurtful” questions of the ‘fencer’ Rafa Mora: “I didn’t deserve this”

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The son of Isabel Pantoja He has assured that he wants to finish reconciling with his mother after the estrangement they have experienced in this last stage of their lives, but he has been very harsh with Isa, complaining that she did not support him “in one of the worst moments of my life” . “I don’t want her even ten meters away”has stated in readings.

“I can forgive my mother and my cousin, not my sister,” said the Andalusian, who recalled the 5,000 euros that Isa once lent him. “He never claimed them from me and I’m not going to return them because I don’t feel like it”, he stated in the aforementioned publication. Kiko Rivera assures that she has tried to contact her sister “a thousand times”, but she has never responded before asking her to stop talking about Irene Rosals. “My wife doesn’t even reach the sole of her shoe,” he said.

Isa P is fed up with her brother Kiko Rivera

Isa Pantoja had to go through the drink of hearing the harsh words that Kiko Rivera threw against her again and the space gave her the opportunity to respond live. “The first thing I thought when I saw the interview is, who is she going to go for this time?” She said sarcastically, alluding to how accustomed she is to her brother’s ugly ones. “I find the money humiliating, that money is mine, that nephew he loves so much”he lamented.

The talk show host of Telecinco’s morning magazine has not stopped there and has shown her fed up with Kiko Rivera: “I find him to be a despicable person, I do not want him in my life at all ”, he has asserted forcefully. “Nothing has to happen for me to forgive you, All is a lie”, she added, confessing that she believes that the Andalusian does not feel any affection for her. However, the young woman is convinced that Isabel Pantoja will reconcile with him.

“My mother is going to forgive my brother for everything he has said about her in The Poisoned Inheritance and in the exclusives. She is going to do it because she is going through a very complicated moment in her life and that is going to influence her when it comes to forgiving him, ”he has sentenced.

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