RTVE workers demonstrate to request that their independence and public service be guaranteed

workers of RTVE have demonstrated this Friday, September 30 “to demand from the Government and political groups an independent and professional project that guarantees public service”.

The chain of controversies that has led Tornero to resign as president of RTVE

The chain of controversies that has led Tornero to resign as president of RTVE

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This is how they have expressed it before the different RTVE headquarters that are distributed throughout the country, in which they have concentrated with posters calling for the defense of public broadcasting. Some well-known journalists from TVE’s Informative Services have participated in the protest, including Lorenzo Mila.

The concentration has taken place only a few days after the resignation of the president of the Corporation, Jose Manuel Perez Turnerwhich came to the top after an agreement between PSOE, PP, United We Can and PNV that distorted the public contest that would have guaranteed the company’s total independence.

Tornero’s resignation has not caused a power vacuum in RTVE since he has been replaced by Elena Sanchez Caballerowho was part of the Board of Directors at the proposal of the PSOE.

After receiving the support of five directors –four voted against him–, Sánchez Caballero has become president of RTVE, a position to be held on a temporary basis until the Congress of Deputies votes on the formation of a new Board of Directors, for which a great political agreement is needed that does not seem possible before the two electoral appointments that will take place in 2023 are held.

The TVE News Councilthe body that represents the journalists of the house, has supported this Friday’s protest by sharing the motto that drives it, because after Tornero’s resignation he already expressed his “deep concern” about the “extreme situation” in which he returns to find RTVE due to the lack of a truly independent regulation.

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