Patiño criticizes Rafa Mora for his questions to Anabel Pantoja, and he points to the direction of ‘Sálvame’

The reception of Rafael Mora a Anabel Pantoja at the Madrid airport continues to provoke reactions. After she herself complained about the “hurtful” questions that she threw at her partner from Save me –which implied that she is not too attentive to her sick father–, this Friday it was María Patiño who criticized the behavior of the talk show host.

Isa Pantoja responds in 'AR' to the latest attacks by her brother Kiko Rivera: "He is a despicable person"

Isa Pantoja responds in ‘AR’ to the latest attacks by her brother Kiko Rivera: “He is a despicable person”

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“I imagine that the first thing you will do when you arrive from your trip will be to see your father, right?”Mora asked her as soon as she saw her. “Anabel, gorgeous, I’m working on your show. How long has it been since you talked to your father?”, “Are you going to work again one day? We’ll have to start trading, right?” insisted the ‘correspondent’ of Save metransferred to the capital’s airport to receive his partner, recently arrived from her vacation in New York.

Rafa Mora’s attitude has been heavily criticized by Patiño. “I want to take advantage of the fact that Anabel is watching us to say something,” the presenter began by saying after clarifying that she was not speaking on behalf of the program. “It makes me very sad because I think that every time we are distancing ourselves more. I completely agree with Anabel. I would have answered you in a resounding way, when you ask me that way at the airport. I guarantee it, Rafa”.

The polemicist has defended himself alleging that he was simply carrying out orders from the management of Save me. “The program, having Omar Suárez there, who does it better than me, decided that it was me, that I didn’t even have to work. They told me that I had to ask him a series of questions to see if we could get his reaction.. ‘We know that he can’t even see you, that’s why we love you,’ they told me. I am a worker like the top of a pine tree and I give everything for my program”, she explained.

Not happy with these arguments, the journalist has reproached her for hiding behind the direction of the program. “When I work here, what comes out of my mouth is my responsibility, not the management’s. You disrespected him!”.

“Am I responsible for what happened yesterday at the airport? Let’s not be hypocritical or cynical… Well, talk to your bosses, who congratulated me yesterday”the extronist from Women and men and vice versa.

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