Emma García starts her ‘Fiesta’ on Telecinco weekends, two months after the “funeral” for ‘Viva la vida’

She is not a rookie emma garciabut this Saturday it is possible that he will experience again the nerves of the first times with the premiere of Partythe magazine that will present in Telecinco every weekend.

'It's already summer' said goodbye with gratitude and having to rectify false information

‘It’s already summer’ said goodbye with gratitude and having to rectify false information

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The main chain Mediaset is going through a difficult moment. He is unable to recover the leadership that Antena 3 took from him months ago, and this, logically, weighs on the backs of those who work in the company. It is not the best situation to start a new professional challenge, but the Basque journalist knows the pitch well.

After a long period at the head of Women and men and vice versaBetween 2018 and 2022, García went on to present the magazine with which Telecinco enlivened Saturday and Sunday afternoons: Live life. The program was canceled at the end of July and replaced by Is summeranother similar format that remained on the air until last week, when its presenters, Frank White, veronica dulanto Y Martha Gonzalez Novosaid goodbye to the public after having covered the loss during the summer period.

Party It will be released this Saturday, October 1 at 4:00 p.m. with the latest news from the social chronicle, interviews, talk shows, reports, all the news about the network’s reality shows and “the spontaneity of direct”. These will be the keys to the new program by Emma García, whose gathering will feature Alba Carrillo, alexia rivas, Alexandra Rubio, Pigeon Barrientos, Antonio Rossi, Beatriz Cortazar, Marisa Martin Blazquez, Aurelius Manzano, Kiti Gordillo, Lorraine Vazquez, Sergio Garrido, Ivan Overflow Y Luis Rollan.

Most of these collaborators were part of the team of Live lifewith the exception of Alexia Rivas, Paloma Barrientos, Lorena Vázquez and Kiti Gordillo.

For its part, Martha Riesco He has announced on Instagram that he is also joining the team led by Emma García. She will do it after working as a reporter for The AR programfrom which she was removed due to the lies and internal tensions caused by her controversial courtship with Anthony David Flores. In this way, Riesco, who has been grateful to Anna Quintanawill leave the mornings of Telecinco to become a reporter and talk show host of Partyanother format from the production company Unicorn Content.

Tamara Falcó, protagonist of the first program

At its premiere, Party will star Tamara Falco. It will not be because Isabel Preysler’s daughter is going to visit the program after having broken her relationship with Íñigo Onieva, but because Emma García’s reporters have followed in the footsteps of the influencer on her trip to Mexico, a country to which she has traveled to meet your schedule of personal commitments.

On the other hand, the presenter will interview Isa Pantojaat a time when it seems that his mother is trying to get closer to his brother Kiko Rivera. The singer’s daughter was this Friday in The AR program to react to the latest attacks by the DJwhich he said is “a despicable person.”

In addition, some of the protagonists of the week will give their version of the latest events that have happened around their lives, among other content.

The weekend desktop: a lot of cinema and little live broadcast

The changes in the evenings of the weekends seem to respond to a business strategy of Mediaset to displace Quartz (producer of Live life) and favor Unicorn Content (producer of Is summer Y Party). This company is largely owned by Mediaset (which owns 30% of its capital) and develops many other group programs, such as it’s already noon, four a day, The AR program Y The Gipsy Kings.

Party It will occupy all of Telecinco’s tabletop, so it will be its main bet for weekend afternoons. On Saturdays it will compete against the cinema -which is the usual trick of La 1, Antena 3 and Cuatro- and [email protected] Weekend. However, only the Multiplex of Antena 3 can overshadow it since its audience data is similar to what they had been handling Live life Y Is summer. In a matter of a short time, it will be verified if this balance of forces is maintained or, on the contrary, the balance tips towards one of the sides.

For its part, the humorous program presented by Alfonso Arus on laSexta it extended its broadcast to Saturday three weeks ago, but it did so with very discreet results: at its premiere it had the support of 5% of viewers, and a week later it grew very slightly to 5.1%, falling well short of the excellent records that he gets every morning from Monday to Friday.

Emma García will find herself in a similar situation on Sunday afternoons – a lot of cinema and little live information – with the difference that she will not have a rival on laSexta usersbut to The rock. In any case, the magazine that presents Nuria Roca It moves around 4% share, so it does not seem that it will be a concern for the new Telecinco program.

Live life ended with an audience close to 12% share, Is summer it concluded its very brief stage averaging 10.9% and Telecinco closed September with an audience share of 12.1%. Emma García will try to steal a few tenths from the competition with a program very similar to her predecessors, difficult task in a strip like this. Whatever the result, Telecinco and laSexta are the only channels that can boast of offering original and live content to enhance after-dinner weekends.

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