Antena 3 sets a premiere date for ‘Joaquín, el rookie’, its trick against ‘The island of temptations’

Antena 3 has finally revealed the premiere date of The noobthe program of Joaquin Sanchez which will mean the debut of the still Betis player as presenter. The chain has decided to launch its long-awaited bet with the footballer next Wednesday, October 5, at 10:45 p.m. In this way, he will face on the grid (except for last minute changes in Mediaset), against The island of temptations of Telecinco.

Joaquín, 'The Rookie' of Antena 3: "If Luis Enrique doesn't call me for the national team, it will be difficult for me to call him"

Joaquín, ‘El Novato’ of Antena 3: “If Luis Enrique doesn’t call me for the national team, it will be difficult for me to call him”

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This will be ‘El Novato’, Joaquín’s program on Antena 3

Before the meeting with his master, each episode of ‘Joaquín, el rookie’ will start with a piece of fiction. It is a figurative dream of Joaquín himself related to the profession that he is going to discover in that chapter. During his daydream, the soccer player imagines himself performing a job hitherto unknown to him. However, this fiction will culminate when Joaquín suddenly wakes up and comes out of his lethargy. It is at that moment, in his house, with his wife and his daughters, when he comes back to reality and realizes that all his abilities were the result of his imagination.

After this dream Each episode will begin with an interview where the soccer player will delve into the most important moments of his/her teacher’s personal and professional career. Surely, the guest will have faced many interviews throughout his life, but none like the one that Joaquín Sánchez can do, approaching each of the most important moments of his life with his particular sense of humor.

After learning the theory of each trade, there will also be time for practice, where each guest will teach Joaquín the basics of his trade in a master class. Depending on the guest’s profession, it could be visiting a music studio, attending a show taping, cooking in a restaurant, attending a rally, performing in a theater, etc.

Also, Joaquín Sánchez will have the opportunity to meet in each chapter with other colleagues and/or relatives of the teacher to expand your knowledge and learn all the ins and outs of the profession you are discovering.

In each episode, the soccer player will face a great final challenge, a debut where he will put into practice everything he has learned during his encounter with the protagonist. Will she be able to host another network show? What about cooking the star dish of a Michelin Star restaurant? Or face zero gravity alongside an astronaut?

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