Anabel Pantoja collapses and explodes against Save me


Rafa Mora went to the airport to receive the ‘influencer’, who has been on a trip to the United States

Anabel Pantoja collapses and explodes against S
Anabel Pantoja and Rafa Mora in Save me.Mediaset

September 29 Anabel Pantoja arrived in Madrid from the United States. Rafael Mora He went to the airport and dressed as a fencer to receive her, something that did not sit well with the ‘influencer’.

A few hours later, Anabel broke out and charged the program through stories of Instagram. “I don’t want you to get like this, to ask me or to worry. I’m going to explain it to you, although it’s very difficult, because I just experienced it recently at the airport when I arrived. seems unnecessary to me“, he said with a broken voice.

“I know I’ve come from this show and I know what it’s like to work there. Of course the staging is wonderful, it can even be funny. But I don’t know, for 20 minutes it’s chasing you.” a person you don’t talk to… What if your father, when are you going to work, when are you going to pay. These are things that are truly rumors and, in front of everyone, shoot,” he complained.

“I think you also have to have a bit of memory. I understand that you are looking for the answers, but you are pretty tough questions. I understand that you can ask them, but I have the right not to answer them, that you leave me and do not ask me more. I’ve been asked about 20 times the same thing. When do I plan to contribute, when do I plan to work… But who thinks that I am not working? I’ve been on vacation for 15 days”, he justified himself.

“I don’t get involved in anyone’s personal life or in Rafa Mora’s personal life. I don’t understand it, unless they ask me normally, but not judging me as if I had killed someone. questions are hurtful, they go with seconds and they go to make me jump. Rafa knows me and she knows how to make me jump. She could have done a funny act without doing any harm. With the program I have always been fair. I gave away my wedding, I gave away my separation, I think I did not deserve this arrivalI added.

The response of the collaborators

After seeing these images, Rafa Mora did not hesitate to answer his partner. “I don’t like to see Anabel like thisno matter how many discussions we have had”, confessed the collaborator.

“It takes a minute and 47 seconds, which is how long the video lasts, crying without tears. It is true that he gave away his wedding and the separation, but he gave away his wedding because they did not put the tent on him,” he said. Kiko Matamoros.

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