Abdullah Balkhair is preparing to release his latest work, “We Nati and Nouhi”

The official Rotana Music account on Instagram published a poster of the Emirati artist’s latest work Abdullah Belkheir Under the name “Watti and Noahti”.

At that time, the account revealed the time when everyone could hear the new song, in a comment that read: “Three hours and we hear a new one, artist #Abdullah Belkheir With the song #Nati_Woha.

The Rotana Music account had the audience longed for the Abdullah Al-Ruwaished song, which was released a few days ago under the name “Bo Salem”, and commented on the clip: “And I, God knows, O #Bo_Salem Alama, from the words: #Khaled_Al-Mulla⁣ and composed by: #Abdullah_Al-Ruwaished⁣.

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