‘The Resistance’ convinced Liam Neeson to ‘give’ one of his classic kicks: “You owe me $25,000”

The resistance spoke this Tuesday with the very Liam Neeson. The Northern Irish actor attended the Movistar Plus + program during his recent visit to the San Sebastian Festival, where he presented Marlowe, his new movie. Specifically, the number 100 of his career, as recognized by the protagonist of Schindler’s List during his humorous interview with Pablo Ibarburu.

The "reward" painful from 'La Resistencia' to Paco León for being the most repeated guest of the program

The painful “prize” of ‘La Resistencia’ to Paco León for being the most repeated guest of the program

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“Do you think you can get to a thousand movies playing a robot Liam Neeson beating you up with robot enemies who kidnap your robot daughter? Asked the comedian and contributor to David Broncano alluding to the work Neeson has done in recent years as an action hero. An unexpected role that, however, the Noirish actor has assumed with great success thanks to films such as the trilogy of Revengein which he kicks right and left against his enemies.

In fact, the “only goal” that Pablo Ibarburu set for himself during the interview is for Liam Neeson to kick him in the chest, for which he even made a small drawing that made the actor laugh. “I can’t stretch my leg like that. No way”, said the famous Quin-Gon Jinn of the prequels of starwarswho gladly entered Ibarburu’s game.

To begin with, the comedian took out “a list of provocative insults” Neeson was forced to kick him in the chest, but messing with his “tiny feet” wasn’t enough for the star. “The bastard is cold”, Ibarburu later recognized Broncano. Afterwards, the comedian put a fake spider on his chest and asked for help to get rid of it, but Neeson just caught it with his hand.

Finally, Ibarburu achieved his goal by having Neeson sing a popular children’s song whose lyrics, translated from English, read: “If you’re happy and you know it, step on the ground.” And since Liam Neeson was happy to be in Spain and talk to Ibarburu, he sang the song and hit the ground…just after the collaborator of The resistance lay face up under his feet.

“This son of a bitch kicked me in the chest!” exclaimed Ibarburu, who finished off his joke by ‘suing’ Liam Neeson: “This is a lawsuit for kicking me in the chest, so you owe me $25,000.” “Okay,” replied the actor.

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