Pope of Rome: the networks are filled with memes for this detail in Risto Mejide’s statement

He has reacted to the teasing


The presenter of Everything is a lie announced his breakup with Laura Escanes after a countdown

Pope of Rome: the networks are filled with memes for this detail in Risto Mejide's statement
Risto Mejide in Everything is a lieMediaset

Risto Mejide I shared on Sunday September 25 in Instagram a statement announcing his break with Laura Escanes. The Catalan dedicated some nice words to his partner for more than seven years: “They have not been perfect, and even so, or perhaps because of that, they have surely been the best of my life.”

The presenter wrote: “As someone once said, it was eternal while it lasted. I just hope we’re as good an ex as we’ve been as a couple. May we each know how to find the life we ​​want”. He also made reference to the daughter they have in common: “Thank you for making me pope of Rome“.

The phrase used by the driver of Everything is a lie to talk about his fatherhood has caused social networks to be filled with witty comments and memes, as well as photomontages that show him converted into the leader of the Church.

“The reason for the separation between Laura Escanes Y Risto Mejide. He has given up everything to be pope of Rome, even his marriage, “wrote a user. It is a pity that we will not see him again Risto presenting his program after announcing that has been ordained Pope of Rome and have to move there,” shared another.

A user posted a photo of Francis I with his hand on his mouth and described it like this: “The pope of Rome learning right now that he has been deposed, when reading the post of RistoAnother asked: “Why there is no white smoke if we have a new pontiff?

Other comments on your statement

The way that Risto Mejide has announced the end of his relationship with Laura Escanes It has been questioned on social networks. Some tweeters highlighted that the Catalan published in instagram stories a countdown to announce that he was going to release a statement. In addition, he placed an animated version of himself with a sad expression on the photo of him. “Between the countdown, the ‘pope of Rome’ thing, the ‘hashtags’ and the date of when they started and when they ended, as if he had died… I’m freaking out,” commented a user.

His reaction to teasing

Risto Mejide I uploaded a new message to instagram stories during the morning of Monday, September 26: “The pain invades everything. I don’t even have the strength to respond to teasing. I wish they were right. I wish they weren’t talking about the most intense and lasting relationship I’ve ever had. I wish it wasn’t the mother of my daughter. I wish everything was that easy.”

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