Mercedes Milá, awarded by the TV Academy with the Jesús Hermida Award for Lifetime Achievement

Mercedes Mila has been recognized by the Council of the Academy of Television and Audiovisual Arts and Sciences with the Jesús Hermida Lifetime Achievement Awardthe institution’s highest award, which has highlighted the journalist’s long career on the small screen.

Mercedes Mila, in contact with Pedro Sánchez: "I had never had the cell phone of a Prime Minister"

Mercedes Mila, in contact with Pedro Sánchez: “I had never had the cell phone of a Prime Minister”

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Mercedes Milá receives this award for her “unrepeatable” career on public and private television and currently on Movistar Plus+, linked to “permanence on screen and continuous professional reinvention in different television genres.”

After finishing Journalism in 1974, the Catalan has carved out a successful career on television, leading such emblematic programs as Two by two (TVE), We want to know (Antenna 3) or Big Brother (Telecinco), among many others. In Movistar Plus + he has been in charge of Scott and Milawhere, together with her dog Scott, she has shown her personal perspective on the issues that concern and move her; Mila vs. Milahwhere he returns to his professional origins with the protagonists of those mythical interviews to see them again, 30 years later and, recently Mila and Levyhis long-awaited meeting with the protagonist of the telenovela Woman-fragranced coffee.

Juan y Medio, winner of the Iris Autonomic Awards

The Council of the Academy of Television and Audiovisual Sciences and Arts has also awarded the 2022 Iris Autonomic Awards to the presenter John and a half by The afternoon, here and now of Canal Sur; and to the program 10 moments from Telemadrid.

Juan y Medio presents and produces The afternoon, here and now on Canal Sur Televisión since September 7, 2009. An entertainment program with a social objective: to help put an end to the loneliness of the elderly.

The work carried out by Juan y Medio and the program visualizing the needs, and also the capacities, of older people has been recognized by Andalusian society for many years now. Since its inception, it has become “a pillar” of Canal Sur Television’s programming. The TV Academy has highlighted that “the way of conducting the Juan y Medio program, combining sensitivity and a sense of humor, is a fundamental part of its success”.

On the other hand, the program 10 momentspresented by Anne Igartiburu, for ten installments, covers the lives of ten famous people, selecting the ten experiences that have marked them the most. The choice of those moments is key and hence the title of the program. Anne Igartiburu receives her guests on a minimalist set, made up of three giant screens that surround the two of them, and on which important moments in the lives of the interviewees are projected.

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