Jorge Javier Vzquez explodes and charges against Telecinco: “I come to work and they piss in my face”

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“Pim, pam, pum, I have a gun. Pim, pam, pum that shoots by itself…”, he sang this Thursday in save meJorge Javier Vzquez,. And boy did he sing! The Traviate. Jorge Javier Vzquez He has returned from vacation without mincing words. true that jJorge Javier Vzquez he does not identify himself because he is not even half silent, but after the outburst this Thursday in save me it is clear that Jorge Javier Vzquez He has been keeping quiet for a long time about what he has now decided not to keep quiet about.

If last week, the day of his return, he silenced the audience by opening the channel by revealing the terrible year that has passed since the death of Mila Ximnez and what it has meant to him personally, this Thursday, after making public the judicial decision that acquitted him of the lawsuit for harassment filed by the mother of Alba Carrillo, Luca RelativeJJorge Javier Vzquez decided not to keep quiet anymore and issue a very clear warning to Telecinco.

“You know of these days that you come to work and feel that they have pissed on your face and that no matter how much you warn they keep pissing on your face? Do you know these days that you come to work and think ‘what happened to me will happen to all workers? what do you come and say ‘they are pissing in my face‘ and as much as you complain this falls on empty sack. Because I love this company like no one has loved you, like no one will want it…”, declared the presenter, cutting the rung of save me to say what, according to himself, he has endured for a long time.

The war between Jorge Javier Vzquez and Alba Carrillo

Jorge Javier Vzquez began softly, referring to the attacks he has suffered these days through social networks by Alba Carrillowith which he has had a tough confrontation since the presenter expelled from the set of the VIP edition of Secret Story to the model’s mother, Luca Relative.

“I have to put up with a young lady to whom I told I’m dead to you, please, Alba Carrillodo not talk about me in your fucking life, neither for better nor for worse, because i’m dead to youWhen I make the allegation against bullfighting, write that I humiliate people? That is to say, all this that says Alba Carrillo and that it is allowed in this chain and that I have to continue watching it”.

when last week Jorge Javier Vzquez made a plea against bullfighting, Alba Carrillo It took less than the crowing of a rooster to launch itself at the jugular of Jorge Javier Vzquez using his words against the humiliation of animals to accuse the presenter of denouncing animal abuse when he humiliates people, in clear reference to his mother and what happened in that Secret Story.

That night on the live reality show a very fat mess. The conflict began when the mother of Alba Carrillo accuse Isabel Rbago to have a pen behind a camera during his stay in the house. The thing was such bullshit that it shouldn’t have gone beyond that. In fact, the reaction of Jorge Javier Vzquezwho accused Luca Relative and his daughter of lying, “as on so many occasions”, was seen by the audience as very disproportionate for the nonsense that was the accusation of Luca Relative. However, after listening to Jorge Javier Vzquez this thursday in save me it is understood why that reaction and why Jorge Javier Vzquez I decided, after listening to Luca Relative as he was called “bravucn” by the bajini, expel her from the set without half measures.

The reaction then Jorge Javier Vzquez led to what Alba Carrillo exploded against the presenter and that Luca Pariente filed a lawsuit against Jorge Javier Vzquez, Mediaset and the producer of reality show, Zeppelinof which so much Jorge Javier Vzquez What Mediaset have been acquitted, while the production company is obliged to pay Luca Relative 6,400 euros for unfair dismissal.

“The mother denounces me for harassment, that we are here working with people who denounce us, and they have acquitted me, Luca Relative, that you have lost, that you have accused me of harassment which is a very serious thing, when the day you left that set you called me at least a son of a bitch upstairs, that they had to kick you out because you became like an energetic person. And I put up with it, put up with it, coming to work, putting up with the mother, the daughter… Smash the mother, squash the daughter, squash the blanket that covers them“, assured the presenter.

“With Ana Rosa it will not be allowed”

Jorge Javier Vzquez He waited for the court decision to say what he probably kept in the shit drawer, which we all have well hidden, from that night until today. And not only did he explode against Alba Carrillo or against Luca Relativebut the message that the presenter did not want this Thursday to go unnoticed was what seems to be the chain’s consent to certain behaviors, which are only allowed with certain presenters.

In fact, at the end of his argument, Jorge Javier Vzquez did not hesitate to point out that he “would never consent to such talk of Ana Rosethat none of those who work here would talk like that about Ana Rose” and that he had to put up with these “atrocities”. He could have said it louder, but not more clearly. Alba Carrillo after all the “barbarities” that he has launched with him, on social networks or wherever he catches him. But Jorge Javier Vzquez also pointed to the programs in which he sits, which in this case is only the program of Joaqun Prat already noonand those who sit with her.

And the girl mendose, and mendose, and mendose. Will I have to put up with him talking about me after this? i’m dead Sunrise, that I am dead! That your mother has lost, that I didn’t harass her, that she insulted me to unsuspected terms, that she even feared her integrity. So please Sunrise I’m dead and I’m still dead to you and your mother. That you leave me in peace. And I hope that for the people who work with this lady, they know who they work with and say enough is enough,” the presenter urged.

because the outburst of Jorge Javier Vzquez this Thursday in Save me was not only an exhortation to Alba Carrillo and his mother to leave him alone, but a clear warning to Telecinco: Why doesn’t the chain take action when these things happen? And, yes, of course Jorge Javier Vzquez he takes his little leg out of the pot when his pituitary becomes inflamed. Poor one who has come across the worst version of Jorge Javier Vzquez. It is not difficult to enter social networks and find dozens of compilations of those out of the pot. those of Jorge Javier Vzquez are seen more and have more repercussion, first, because it is Jorge Javier Vzquez and everything he says or does rises like bread and, second, because he is the presenter of the chain that probably spends the most time on the broadcast.

Yes, this is television and it may seem that anything goes to gain an audience point or because the television show does not decline, but imagine situations like this, both on one side and the other, in any other job. Initially, an investigation would be opened, not by a long shot would attacks, insults and harassment be allowed, neither during working hours nor outside of it, much less, through social networks, much less publicly. And from there on. Well yes, this is TV, but it is also a company with its workers, yes famous, yes, who lend themselves to giving a show and making the show, but who, like any worker, should not jump through the hoop of many things for which what happen

The story, the complaint Jorge Javier Vzquez, the warning to his chain is because, according to what he expressed this Thursday, everything is allowed with him and not with others. Y Jorge Javier Vzquez he’s tired, he must have been tired for a long time. We don’t know what happened that night Secret Story when I expelled Luca Pariente beyond what they told at the time and what was revealed this Thursday Jorge Javier Vzqueznor is it known how the move was managed in the offices, nor what was the reaction of the chain – for now, Luca Relative has not stepped on Telecinco again and Alba Carrillo still on It’s already noon-, not even if Jorge Javier Vzquez has privately expressed to the leadership of Telecinco everything I expressed yesterday in save me. Surely yes, and surely because of how everything exploded, everything was left in shambles.

“I have beaten you,” he continued, addressing Alba Carrillo and his mother. “Don’t use such harsh terms. Don’t be so manipulative or perverse. I’ve been putting up with you for a long time. You fucked me, phone call asking for forgiveness, I forgive you. You fucked me, phone call asking for forgiveness, I forgive you .Ace, ace, ace, reality show after reality show, until I have said up to here. But, girl, it seems that I don’t have the strength because here, I’m sure the presenter or presenter will happen and it will come true, but here I am. That I have beaten you in court, acquitted.”

It’s just that it’s outrageous, it’s a tremendous thing and it’s something that I don’t know how we accept. There will come a time when we say up to here. Or not? I would never consent to such talk of Ana Rosethat none of those who work here would talk like that about Ana Rose“. He could say it louder, but not clearer. Jorge Javier Vzquez is back in mode on fire.

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