Paco Len calls Elite “shit” and the creators answer him

The actor’s opinion on teenage productions


Carlos Montero and Daro Madrona, responsible for Netflix fiction, reacted on Twitter to their criticism

Paco Le
Paco Len and Manu RosYouTube / Nude Project | Netflix

paco len has sparked a controversy by sharing what he thinks about Elite. The actor and director was invited to the podcast Nude Projectwhere he was interviewed by Bruno Casanova Y alex belloch. In the format they asked him: “What do you think of the new generation of content from Netflix? Above all, teen series for example, lite“.

The guest replied, “I don’t know what to say, really. As a product, They look like a lot of crap to me., the truth. So, in family. But, on the other hand, they have their audience. I haven’t seen too much… But at the same time things are also normalized, diversity and LGTBI content “.

The Sevillian declared: “There is something of a formula. It’s like very anti-artistic, No? This is what works, the algorithm knows. It tells you how you have to do the series and you put some handsome boys and pretty girls there… There are many male and female colleagues working on that series and it’s not so easy to make it cool. I respect them as well as peers, but as a spectator I love looks like a mojn to me. And I see them, let’s go.”

The reaction of the creators of Elite

The creators of Elite they were not hesitant when responding to the interpreter’s words. daro madrona I shared in Twitter on Tuesday, September 27: “I attest that in awards galas where we compete with Madrid burns people on his team were great, but Paco Len looked at us as if we had bedbugs“.

The other person responsible for the fiction, Carlos Monteroadded between laughs: “And I thought that he didn’t like me and it is seen that it was not personal, just that our series seemed like shit to him. What a relief.”

Journalist Borja Tern intervened in the conversation to point out: “Paco always look like that.” Huntsman wrote: “Next time I’ll tell you what hits like our shit they have produced their experiment. No acrimony.” The screenwriter thus referred to Rainbowfeature film directed by len and that Netflix offer from Friday, September 30.

Ramon Camposcreator of productions like The Cable Girls Y Fariastated: “You can say that as a viewer you don’t like a series or a movie, but there’s no need to disrespect the work of your peers.” Madrona agreed with him: “Of course. We all have opinions about our own and that of others, some much more base than this… But we don’t say it in public. What need will there be?

Carlos Montero announced hours after the publication of these tweets that the Andalusian had contacted them: “Paco Len has called us. It’s been lovely and we’re going to party on Thursday.”

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