Cristina Pardo’s harsh words to igo Onieva: “You are a liar”

I criticized him in Ms Vale Tarde


The journalist defended Tamara Falc, with whom she coincides in the gatherings of El Hormiguero on Thursdays

The harsh words of Cristina Pardo to
Cristina Pardo and Igo OnievaAtresmedia | Mediaset

Cristina Brown I spoke on Monday, September 26 at better late about the controversy generated by the video in which igo Onieva appears kissing a young woman at a festival. The images seem to have caused the breaking of her marriage commitment with Tamara Falcon. The journalist advanced during the first minutes of the space of The sixth: “I don’t like having to comment on this, but I’m going to do it.”

The presenter remembered that she coincides with the Marchioness of Grin in the social gatherings of the anthill on Thursdays: “The truth is that I was very happy, very happy and very much in love with igo Onievawhether it seems good or bad. to me I am very sorry. I think that Tamara Falcon He can be a lot of things in people’s eyes, but he’s a person of integrity and he’s a good person.”

Later, she was critical of the businessman’s attitude: “It seems to me that someone who has public exposure, subject her to this ridicule, to this ‘I drag you to the ground‘, and then, on top of the fact that she has stuck her neck out for you because you lied to her, after having to admit that you’re a liar… I find it horrifying for her.”

The host of the format gave her opinion about her partner’s future: “I think she is a strong person and what she has to do now is work and continue with her life. No one dies from this and neither does she.”

Brown She added later: “I am very much in favor of laughing at everything, I think that humor can be made of everything. But I also believe that in recent days a person who is on the ground… well, kick him once he is on the ground.” I find it regrettable. You can kick her when she’s standing up, but when she’s on the ground she doesn’t kick anyone anymore.”

The communicator concluded: “I from here what I wish to Tamara Falcon is the best, whatever is the best, I don’t know. I hope it’s on Thursday the anthill“.

Iaki Lopez’s comments

Iaki Lopez also opinion on the subject in better late. The presenter charged igo Onieva for having lied and stressed that in his statement he asked that no more videos come to light: “As if there was fear of a real cascade of affected people in this regard.”

The Basque defined the protagonist of the controversy as follows: “He is a car designer and businessman of the night, a renaissance man“. One of the collaborators of the format indicated on Tamara Falcon: “A blackberry stain with another blackberry is removed”. The journalist added: “I used to get away from the car designers and businessmen of the night for a while.”

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