A Vox policy warns that it will close À Punt in the middle of an interview with the chain

Curious situation that has occurred before the cameras of À Puntpublic television Valencian Community. During a live interview with Ana Vegaregional deputy of voxshe charged against the station and threatened to close it if her party comes to power.

José Juan Ruiz also resigns, the "right hand" by Tornero on RTVE

José Juan Ruiz also resigns, Tornero’s “right hand” on RTVE

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“Families need a drastic reduction in taxes and a reduction in beach bars and jobs that only serves to ideologize Valencia politics,” he began his speech before the microphone of À Punt.

“What goes to the regime’s television, as it is the one we are on this morning, should necessarily go to Health, infrastructure and Education… to cover the needs of citizens”continued the policy before concluding with a declaration of intent: “What we want is for all spending to go to cover the needs of citizens and not politicians.”

At the end of the interview, the À Punt journalist who had put the microphone on him warned of the consequences that the suppression of this public channel would have for his own party.

“Think that this is the television of the regime and surely, if they came to the government, it would disappear, which would mean that they would not have this loudspeaker to criticize it. Criticism, as always, we accept, that’s why we’re in a democracy,” concluded the Á Punt journalist.

From the set of the program, another colleague from the chain highlighted that Vox has not closed the regional television stations in those regions in which it already shares the Government.

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