Double seat debate in Diyanet: From İsmailağa to management

The appointment to a high specialization center affiliated to the Diyanet drew attention. Muhammet Emin Kılıç, one of the trainers of the center, has been appointed to the Directorate of Istanbul Haseki Religious High Specialization Center, which is also known as the “Diyanet’s staff school”, where many people who are currently working as directors in Diyanet are trained. However, Kılıç’s resume drew attention. Born in Istanbul in 1967 in Fatih, Kılıç received “Arabic and religious education” in the Qur’an course of the İsmailağa community, which operates under the Fatih Mufti.

After graduating from al-Azhar University in Egypt, Kılıç returned to the İsmailağa Qur’an course and took up a teaching position. Kılıç, who also received training and worked as a training officer at the Istanbul Haseki Religious High Specialization Center, was appointed as a director in July.


There are 7 general directorates and 3 presidencies in the central organization of Diyanet. In these general directorates and presidencies, there are many names who graduated from the center where Kılıç, who is associated with the İsmailağa community, which is at the center of the discussions, with the participation of public officials, especially President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, at the funeral of Mahmut Ustaosmanoğlu, and who are currently managing directors.

In addition to President Ali Erbaş, the graduates of the center are as follows:

  • Akif Pusmaz, General Manager of DIB Human Resources.
  • Remzi Bircan, General Manager of DIB Hajj and Umrah Services.
  • Fatih Kurt, General Manager of DIB Religious Publications.
  • Mehmet Bilgin, General Manager of DIB Management Services.
  • Fatih Mehmet Karaca, Head of Guidance and Inspection of DIB.
  • Hasan Güçlü, Head of Strategy Development at DIB.


On the other hand, Güçlü, who was appointed as the Head of Strategy Development with the signature of President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan on June 4 and received undergraduate and graduate education at Sakarya University during the term of President Erbaş, was appointed as the Director of the Private Secretary in addition to this duty. It has been reported that it continues. The fact that Güçlü, who is alleged to have spent most of his work in the Office of the Private Secretary, has already taken on two duties, has created discomfort among the personnel.

“Is the Strategy Headquarters a trivial task?” While showing his reaction, Güçlü finally accompanied Erbaş on his visit to Japan. The reason for Güçlü’s continuing as the Office of the Private Secretary is that “the directorate has more opportunities than the presidency”. On the other hand, in his resume in Diyanet, it is stated that Güçlü resigned from his position as the Director of the Private Secretary.

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