1 person died in a fire in an apartment in Ankara

The person affected by the smoke died in the fire that broke out in the apartment in the Mamak district of Ankara.

A fire broke out on the 13th floor of the apartment on the site in Üreğil District.

Citizens trapped in their homes were evacuated by firefighters who came to the scene. Some citizens affected by the smoke and 2 firefighters were taken to the hospital. It was learned that Mehmet Kaplan (57), who was in serious condition, passed away.

Mamak Mayor Murat Köse, in a statement on the incident from his social media account, stated that the fire occurred due to a short circuit of the cables in the electrical system.

Wishing God’s mercy to the citizen who lost his life in the incident, Köse said, “The treatment of those affected by the smoke continues. Our citizens at Mamak State Hospital are not in danger of life. Get well soon.”

Police and fire crews continue to work on the cause of the fire.

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