BAT workers have been resisting for 30 days: “We demanded our right, they said ‘ungrateful'”

After the privatization of Tekel, nine workers took an active part in the trade union struggle at the Ballıca Cigarette Factory in Samsun, which was transferred to a London-based British company. “poor performance” was dismissed due to

The workers, who started to take action after their dismissal, left behind the first month of their resistance. The workers who have been resisting in front of the factory in Samsun’s 19 Mayıs district for a month stated that they will continue their protests. Speaking to Cumhuriyet, Murat Sözen, spokesperson of the Workers Committee, said: “We were fired because we struggled to improve working conditions in the factory and to ensure that our salaries are regulated by taking into account the economic conditions of the country” said.


Sözen stated that the workers will carry the resistance in front of the factory to Istanbul as well. “We became ‘ungrateful’ because we wanted our rights. We have no wealth other than our labor. We are working hard to live with our dignity and to leave good days for our children. If we take one step back from fighting for our rights and our rights, we will be leaving our humanity and personality at the door of this factory. If we give in, we can’t look our children in the face” he said.

Sözen listed the demands of the workers as follows:

  • The dismissed workers should be immediately reinstated, the layoffs should end, and the dismissal lists should be torn down.
  • Under the name of the performance system, the practice that puts workers under pressure should be terminated.
  • In salaries, arrangements should be made in which we can live and live in a humane manner, taking into account the economic conditions of the country.

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