Social housing project in 25 questions

The Ministry of Environment and Urbanization answered the questions about TOKİ’s last announced social housing project in 25 questions from its social media account.

Within the scope of the project, the details of which were announced by AKP President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan this week, 500 thousand social housing, 250 thousand residential land and 50 thousand workplaces will be built. It is claimed that 250 thousand social housing, which will be built in the first phase of the project, will be completed within 2 years.

Applications for the campaign, whose name is determined as “My First Home, My First Place of Work”, are made through the authorized branches of Ziraat Bank and Halk Bank and through e-Government. Applications will be made on a project basis, regardless of housing type 2+1 and 3+1. The housing types of the beneficiaries will be determined by the “housing determination lottery” after the tender and the application fee will be 500 TL.

On the other hand, a detail that emerged in the application form of the project, whose applications started this week, led to discussions about the increase in the installment amounts, and it was revealed that the monthly installments would be re-determined twice a year, in January and July of each year. It was noteworthy that the Ministry did not provide any information on this issue in its sharing.


Here are the answers to frequently asked questions about the My First Home My First Work Place project announced by the ministry:

1- Can the type of residence be selected at the application stage?

Applications will be made on a project basis, regardless of housing type (2+1 and 3+1).

(The housing types of the beneficiaries will be determined by the “Housing Determination Draw” to be held after the tender.)

2- Can the citizens who are entitled to the lottery in 50 thousand – 100 thousand housing projects but who do not sign a housing sales contract apply for 250 thousand housing projects?

Citizens who apply to the bank with a petition requesting the cancellation of their entitlement and receive a refund of the application fee they have deposited can apply for 250 thousand housing projects.

3- Can people from different households apply for two different projects in 250 thousand housing projects?

In 205 thousand housing projects, only one application can be made on behalf of the household.

If both spouses apply, all applications will be deemed invalid.

4-Can different people in the household (except the person, spouse and child under custody) (grandfather, child over 18) apply to the projects?

Yes, he can apply.

5- Is there an age limit for the applications to be made in the category of the martyr’s family?

There is no age limit for this category.

6- Is it possible to apply with a power of attorney?


7- Is it possible to apply from any province?

Those who will apply from the bank branches can only apply from the authorized branches in the province where the project is located.

However, it is possible to apply from anywhere, provided that the conditions are met on e-government.

8- Which date will be taken as basis for the validity of the application conditions?

Income, non-residential, residence, age requirements must be met on the application date.

Subsequent changes will not be taken into account.

9-Can citizens who have a “building occupancy certificate” registered in their name apply for projects?

Housing applicants must not have an independent residence registered in the title deed for themselves, their spouses and children under their custody, have not owned a real estate previously sold by the Housing Development Administration, and have not previously received a loan from the Housing Development Administration.

The building usage certificate is not among the application requirements.

10-Can those who return/terminate their residences and those who buy a workplace apply?

Those who return/terminate their residences and those who buy a workplace will also be able to apply.

11- Is it possible to apply through e-government?

Yes. However, in order to apply for e-government applications, there must be no active application.

However, when the e-government application cannot be made due to the system or lack of personal information, it should apply from the bank.

12- Can those who have share title deeds apply?

As long as it is independent and does not have a full share, an application can be made.

13- How will the applications of disabled and restricted persons be made?

In order to be able to apply from the disability category, it is necessary to be at least 40% disabled.

Parents with a disabled child under the age of 18 will be able to apply on their behalf from the Disabled category.

Persons with disabilities over the age of 18 will apply through their guardians.

In this regard, there should be a provision in the guardianship decision (for loan transactions, housing purchase transactions) or a letter of conformity must be submitted from the court, which is the guardianship authority.

When will the application documents be received?

Applications will be made between 14 September – 31 October 2022. E-Government Applications will end on October 28, 2022.

Application documents; For those who apply from e-government, it will be obtained from the persons who are accepted as beneficiaries as a result of the lottery at the contract stage. According to the category of applicants through the bank; It will be requested to document the residence/population/income/age conditions with the document proving the disabled/retired/young/other status.

14- When and how will the application fee refunds be made?

He/she can cancel his/her application by taking the application fee “within the application period”. Then, the application fees of those who are not the main right holders will be refunded within 5 working days after the draw.

Those whose applications have been canceled will also be able to get a refund of the application fee without waiting for the draw.

15- How should monthly household income be calculated?

The monthly household income must be at most 16 thousand TL (18 thousand TL for Istanbul Province).

(The sum of the total household monthly net income, including all kinds of benefits received by the applicant and his spouse, such as food, travel, etc.) The income before the enforcement cut will be taken into account for those whose salaries have an enforcement deduction.

16- How will the maximum income of the farmers or those who have commercial activities be determined in the applications?

Income will be determined by dividing the annual net profit appearing on the tax plate for the last year by 12 for those with commercial activities. For those who have agricultural activities (except those who keep books on the basis of balance sheet and business), their declared income will be taken as basis.

17- Can those without income apply to these projects?

The minimum income level has not been determined by TOKİ for the application to the projects in question.

18- When will the contract be signed and when will the construction start?

In housing projects to be built by the administration; Contract signing procedures will be initiated after the completion of the zoning planning, project design and licensing procedures, and the completion of the tender process and the determination of the sales prices of the houses.

19- Can we transfer the house?

The buyer does not have the right of transfer for 2+1 and 3+1 residences.

20- Can the application be changed with a different project during the application process?

If an application is requested for another project after applying for any project in 250 thousand housing projects, an application can be made for a second project after the application for the first application is canceled at the bank.

21- Can the down payment rate be overpaid or completely closed? Can the term be shortened?

There is the possibility of overpaying the down payment rate and it can be closed completely. There is no possibility of shortening the term.

22- How will the process proceed if the citizen wants to return his/her residence?

It has the right to return, and the transaction will be carried out in accordance with the provisions of the sales contract signed with the bank.

23- What is the return period for the application fee for those who are the main right holders in the 250 thousand housing projects and do not want the housing?

After the end of the contract signing period in the relevant project, the application returns will be made.

24- Is there a possibility to change residence (betrayiş)?

The contract is at the signing stage.

25- Will the “disabled child benefit” be added to the household income?

Yes it is included.

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