National Palaces spent 409.2 million TL!

Institutions are given appropriations at the beginning of the year with the budget law. The law is discussed and accepted in the Assembly, first in the Planning and Budget Committee, and then in the General Assembly. It comes into force after being published in the Official Gazette. Since the budget was not sufficient this year, an additional budget had to be issued in July. However, this was done by law after being discussed in the Turkish Grand National Assembly. The appropriations allocated to the institutions within that year are included in the charts attached to the budget laws. However, in the eight months before the end of the year, some institutions began to force the appropriation given with the schedules attached to the Budget Law.


According to the data of the Ministry of Treasury and Finance, an appropriation of 354.2 million TL was allocated to the National Palaces Administration within the scope of the schedules related to the Budget Law. On the other hand, the eight-month expenditure of the National Palaces exceeded this allowance and reached 409.2 million TL. 27.9 billion TL was given to the Ministry of Youth and Sports (GSB). The eight-month expenditure amounted to 27.6 billion TL. There is very little left to go over the allowance. The budget appropriation of the EU Presidency was determined as 2.3 billion TL. Its expenditure reached 2.1 billion TL. Meanwhile, the appropriation of the Presidency in the budget tables was 4.1 billion TL. Its eight-month expenses increased to TL 3.4 billion. The expenses, which include representation, promotion, hospitality, meeting and organization expenses in the budget, are rapidly approaching the total appropriation. A total of 430.9 million TL was allocated for these works. The eight-month expenditure amounted to 383.8 million TL.


The government promises to make savings on vehicles every year. On the other hand, millions of TL are transferred from the budget to vehicle rentals every month. The eight-month amount of vehicle rental expenses among service purchases increased to 816.5 million TL. In the same context, aircraft rental expenses reached 147.1 million TL. Many public institutions lease their service buildings. In the capital, some ministries operate in the buildings they rent. Millions of dollars go into them. In the January-August period, 366.8 million TL was recorded for “service building rental expenses” within the scope of service procurement from the budget.

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