Murat Kurum’s ‘social housing project’ statement: He will not be able to sell his house before the debt ends

Environment, Urban Planning and Climate Change Minister Murat Kurum answered the questions of journalists on Habertürk TV under the moderation of Mehmet Akif Ersoy.

Responding to those who are curious about the social housing project, the Institution stated that the house cannot be sold before the debt is paid. The institution said, “When we look at the past years, there is a situation of inability to pay below 1 percent. We look at the intention of our citizens there, too. They paid the down payment, paid the installments, maybe they went into trouble after 2 years. We take a warning. “You’re late, I’m buying your house, okay! If there is malicious intent, we do what is necessary,” he said.

The highlights of the Minister’s statement are as follows:

“We should have given Istanbul the biggest slice. We are building 50 thousand houses. Some of it will be on the Anatolian side and the other part will be on the European side. On the European side, Başakşehir, Esenler, Silivri, Çatalca, Arnavutköy. On the Anatolian side, we work in Tuzla, Pendik, Kartal, Maltepe. As of today, there are 394 thousand applications in Istanbul, 70 thousand in Ankara, 70 thousand 800 in İzmir. We are building 1,500 houses.

In the first phase, it consists of 250 thousand residences and 10 thousand workplaces. We have already made a 40-50% discount on the cost. Our citizen, whose house is drawn in the lottery, will be able to rent his house in that sense, if necessary. With the rental income, he will be able to pay the rent of his own house. We thought that it was more important for him to buy a house from this project rather than the proximity of the project to his house and neighborhood. We worked in such a way that we could be close to our people’s work and home, at an equal distance to every area we could spread out.


He won’t be able to sell his house until his debt is gone. If he finishes his debt after 1 month after delivery, our citizen can sell it. The housing purchased by our citizens is 40-50 percent below the market value. When you add the price difference VAT to this, it will be even lower. We say that we will increase the installments according to the salary of the officer. We made a 25 percent increase in a year for our citizens who are in debt to TOKİ. Let’s say that he will close his debt in 2-3 years, we will also give discounts to our citizens who want to close their collective debt. We will set rates according to inflation. If our citizens want, they can save their debt, save money, keep money from their family, and close their debt. His house is already appreciated, making a premium. It does not seem fair to us to say that you have paid off my debt, bought your house, and cannot sell it.

We have determined the application requirements. It should be below 18 thousand 16 thousand, it should be in the province where it is registered, 1 person from a single household should buy a house, there should be no registered residence on it, if there is a land to be purchased, there should not be any land registered on it, if a workplace is to be purchased, there should be no workplace on it. We will examine it with precision, does it comply with these conditions or not? We will not give it to those who do not comply with these conditions, which we will examine thoroughly. We will examine the applications one by one with the data in TOKİ and Land Registry Cadastre. If it fits within this framework, we cannot legally have the right to say that you applied with someone else in the background, you got it. If you comply with the terms, the government trusts its citizens in good faith.

It is the freedom and liberty of our citizens who will pay off the debt, close it, sell it, rent it out. We will review all applications in good faith and fairness. A 40 percent discount here can reach 60-70 percent in some provinces on a provincial basis.

If our citizen pays off his debt after we hand over the house, he has the right to sell it. It is necessary to look at why these income groups apply. If he meets the conditions, he already has the right to buy a house. Therefore, our citizens can either live on their own or rent them out. Maybe he got into a difficult situation, let’s say he will buy a house in his hometown. We didn’t ask “why are you selling it”. We trusted our citizens. We do not have the right to say to those who comply with the conditions, why are you complying? We are free citizens to use their own rights and savings in a well-deserved product or project. Our citizens, who really need it, buy it.

Our brother, who works at minimum wage in Gölbaşı, Ankara, will be able to buy 150 square meters of land for 157 thousand liras. He will pay a down payment of 15 thousand 750 thousand liras. Let’s say our brother with the minimum wage will buy it in Edremit, Van for a price of 112 thousand liras. Let’s look at the detached house, it will be able to buy a land of 350 square meters for 192 thousand 500 liras and build a one-story house.


The amount that can be paid in this campaign is 2 thousand 200 TL. Let’s say he couldn’t afford it, he has no savings. He was ashamed to ask his wife and friend. He can go and apply for the land. He can buy his land in installments of 1200 lira and build his own house.

Our citizen who will apply here will not have a house or land.


When we look at the past years, there is a situation of inability to pay below 1 percent. There, we look at the intentions of our citizens. He may have paid the down payment, paid the installments, and got into trouble after 2 years. We’re taking notice. We are being constructive. There is no possibility that there is an essential need here. You didn’t pay, you delayed, I’m buying your house, okay?


When we look at the examples in the past years, our civil servants were given a raise within the framework of a total of 80 percent inflation. The minimum wage was around 70. We have increased 25 percent. Look at the previous years, there was a 17-20 percent increase in civil servant salaries, we stayed at 8 percent.

This is our ceiling. There is no rule that we will make this hike there. It was 80 last year, we made 25 percent. Let’s say it’s 40 next year, we have to do the reasonable rate here. This is a project made in accordance with the social state principle. We are going through a period when the concept of social state is shelved all over the world. Our President says to our nation, 250 thousand houses, 100 thousand land, 10 thousand workplaces. This is the requirement of the social state. The right to shelter is one of the most important rights that the state should offer to its citizens.

Why should a citizen of will who offers this insistently say, ‘I will make a raise like this’, when he will have difficulty in paying? The installments will be made at the rate of maximum civil servant salary increase. We have 1 million 70 thousand citizens. You can meet all of them. We have always been on the side that gives and supports. We will continue to be so.

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