Two families clashed in Istanbul: Many people are in custody

The incident took place at 820th Street in Çınar Mahallesi in the evening. Allegedly, there was tension again between the two families who were previously reported to be at odds.

Some family members came to 820th street by car and opened fire in the air in front of the building where the other family with whom they had a quarrel lived. Meanwhile, those who were in the house took their guns and ran out into the street.


Those who opened fire in the air fled from the street, while those who left the house shot after those who fled. Fortunately, no one was injured or killed during the incident, but it was learned that the cars belonging to the parties were damaged.

A large number of police were dispatched to the scene following the tension. Riot police also took precautions in the streets. It was stated that many people involved in the incident were detained.

On the other hand, the tension and gunfire on the street were reflected in the mobile phone images. Gunshots exploding in the street one after another caused fear and panic.

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