Survey in regions where municipal administrations from BUPAR have passed from AKP to CHP: People’s Alliance has melted

BUPAR Research Company conducted a survey in the municipalities of Istanbul, Ankara and Izmit, which AKP lost and CHP won in the March 2019 local elections.

In the survey, respondents were first “Are you satisfied with the transition of your municipality from AKP administration to CHP administration?” he was asked. 67.1 percent of the participants “Yes” while only 27.6 percent “No” gave the answer. 5.3 percent did not express an opinion.

“What was the service like when the municipal administration switched from AKP to CHP?” to the question, 68.7 percent “Services have increased”21.1 percent “Nothing has changed”9.3 percent “Services down” While giving the answer, 0.8 percent of the participants did not express an opinion.


“Your mayor, who was elected from the CHP, says that the former mayor of AKP is transferring funds to foundations and associations that are close to them unfairly. Do you believe these statements? The answers to the question were as follows:

  • 69.1% “Yes”
  • 19.1 percent “No”
  • 11.8 percent “I have no idea”

“Was your former AKP mayor working for the benefit of the city/people or for the benefit of the AK Party?” According to the answers to the question, 66.7 percent of the participants said “for the interests of the AKP”, while 29.7 percent said “for the interests of the city”. 3.7 percent of the participants also did not express an opinion.

“Is your CHP mayor working for the benefit of the city/people or for the benefit of the CHP?” When asked, 63.4 percent of the participants said “In the interest of the city/people”, while only 25.6 percent said “The interest of the CHP”. 11 percent did not express an opinion.

addressed to the participants “If there is an election today, would your current mayor get more votes, the same vote, or less votes compared to 2019?” To the question, 61.1 percent said “It gets more votes”, 16.1 percent said “It gets the same vote”, 17.1 percent said “It gets less votes”, and 5.7 percent said that they did not express an opinion.


“If a parliamentary election were to be held today, which alliance would win the majority in the Grand National Assembly of Turkey?” The response of the citizens was as follows:

  • 76.7% Nation Alliance
  • 20.2 percent People’s Alliance
  • 3.1 percent No idea

“Which alliance will win if there is a presidential election today” To the question, 66.7% Nation Alliance, 27.6 percent People’s Alliance, 5.7 percent said I have no idea.


“If there was a presidential election today and only Recep Tayyip Erdoğan and Kemal Kılıçdaroğlu were candidates, which would you vote for?” remarkable answers came. Accordingly, 50.5 percent said Kemal Kılıçdaroğlu and 35.8 percent said Recep Tayyip Erdogan. 13.7% of the participants stated that they were undecided.

“If there were parliamentary elections today without alliances, which party would you vote for?” The answers to the question were as follows:

  • AKP 29 percent
  • CHP 31.5 percent
  • IYI Party 12 percent
  • HDP 10 percent
  • DEVA 2 percent
  • next 1 percent
  • MHP 6 percent
  • Happiness is 1.5 percent
  • Country 1 percent
  • Victory Party 1 percent
  • Other 3 percent
  • Undecided 2 percent


Evaluating the survey results, BUPAR Research Head Erdal Akaltun said: “This shows that even half of those who did not vote for CHP candidates in the last local election were satisfied with the change. As local successes bring general power, failures are one of the elements that take power. These local election results can be seen as a flare of the general power shift.”

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