The allegation that ‘ministry artists were appointed’ at the wedding of Fuat Oktay’s son

CHP Ankara Deputy Murat Emir claimed that the musicians playing the welcome music at the wedding ceremony of Vice President Fuat Oktay’s son Mustafa Emin Oktay, who got married on September 5, were the artists of the Ministry of Culture and Tourism. Bringing his claim to the agenda of the Grand National Assembly of Turkey, Emir submitted a written parliamentary question asking Oktay and Minister Ersoy to answer.

“If the allegations are true, can the artists of the Ministry of Culture and Tourism be used in the personal affairs of state officials?” Emir said, “Who allowed such an arbitrary practice that disregards all bureaucratic rules should be investigated and revealed.”

Emir asked Oktay and Ersoy the following questions:

“Is it true that the artists of the ministry were appointed to the wedding ceremony of Fuat Oktay’s son? By whom was this instruction given to the artists? According to what criteria were the artists selected? Have any fees been paid? Has a similar application been made in the past years? Did the artists come by order or voluntarily?”

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