Housing from AKP municipality to school area: ‘We will be victims’

Cekmekoy Municipality in Istanbul, which opened the park, which was the earthquake gathering area, for construction and became the subject of the country’s agenda with the struggle initiated by the citizens, now paved the way for the construction of housing in the school area.

According to the news of İsmail Arı from BirGün, in the September session of the Çekmeköy Municipal Council, the objection to the zoning plan change of a land in Mehmet Akif District, where the park area opened for construction is located, was discussed despite all the objections of the public. The AKP municipality changed the zoning plans of the land designated as the primary school area in the neighborhood last February. The land was treated as a residential and nursery area in the new plans. It is allowed to build up to 4 floors on privately owned land that does not belong to the public.

Neighborhood residents applied to Çekmeköy Municipality with a petition to object to the plan change. In the petition, he stated that the land had previously remained in the education area and that its acquisition in the housing area in February would create grievances for Mehmet Akif Mahallesi, which has only one primary school and dual education. In addition, in the petition, he objected to the zoning plan change, stating that the neighborhood was left in a very disadvantaged situation in terms of green areas and park areas, that there was no public benefit in the plan change and that it had an effect on increasing the density in the region over time. The AKP municipality, on the other hand, rejected the objection of the citizens and stated that the plan change was in compliance with the Zoning Law and the legislation. In addition, the objection of the citizens regarding the zoning plan, which transforms the school area into a residential area, was voted on at the Çekmeköy Municipal Council. Members of parliament from CHP and Good Party demanded that the objection to the zoning plan be accepted. However, the objection to the zoning plan was rejected by the majority of the AKP and MHP council members.


In his speech at the city council, CHP Member of Parliament Sami Yayla said, “There is an empty area next to the health center in Mehmet Akif Neighborhood, and this is the place that has been included in the plans as a primary school area. But now they’ve set their sights on it, too. We want everyone to withdraw their hands from educational areas and green spaces. There is a population density of 35 thousand in the neighborhood. Maybe this neighborhood has a larger population than many other districts. And there is only one primary school in the biggest neighborhood of this county. And the classrooms in this school are for 45-50 people,” he said.

“There is no space to walk on the sidewalks in the neighborhood. Vehicles parked on the sidewalks. Saying that children cannot play or walk, Yayla from CHP continued as follows:

“In a place where there is such a density, you still turn this place into a residential area. And the nursery is involved for the sake of being cute. There is not even an earthquake assembly area in the neighborhood. In satellite images, there is only one green area in the neighborhood, next to the headman’s office. There is no other green space. We need to invest in education, not concrete.”

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