Ekrem İmamoğlu’s call to the IMM Assembly: They should not embarrass themselves

Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality (IMM) Mayor Ekrem İmamoğlu opened the new İSKİ Çatalca Service Building, which was started on April 16, 2020, into service on September 9, as part of the “150 Projects in 150 Days” marathon.

Speaking here, İmamoğlu reminded that September 9 is both the liberation of İzmir from the enemy occupation and the 99th anniversary of the Republican People’s Party (CHP) and said, “The first moment I decided on politics, I was committed to our nation, our Republic, Atatürk’s principles and revolutions. In the 99th year of my party, which I set out with by saying ‘I will do politics in the CHP’, I am proud and honored to serve our ancient city Istanbul and to fight to do things that our nation would be proud of as a CHP member,” he said.

Imamoglu continued:

“As a CHP member, as a son of the CHP, I have always expressed this: Being a party member means fulfilling your duty to serve your nation. Being a good party member, being a good party member, giving the right to be a party member means this. Being a member of the party, doing everything on behalf of the party is not the understanding that every way is permissible. Being a party member means protecting and developing the sacred things of the nation, the state and the Republic. It should not be forgotten that it is.”


Saying, “Today, we are struggling with an understanding against this understanding in our country,” said İmamoğlu.

“We are struggling with the concept of the party state. In fact, if there was a person speaking on behalf of another party on a project, a budget, that we spend today, they would describe it as ‘AK Party project’, ‘AK Party made’, ‘AK Party’s job’. Open and clear. I’m not saying this. They sing in the squares themselves. What do we say as CHP members? We say, ‘We have come to present this service of İSKİ, which we have done with the budget of our nation, in the most decent way, in the most economical way, in the best quality and in the most beautiful way, to our nation, in order not to be ashamed of our people who entrusted us with the budget of our nation.’ That’s what it’s like to be a CHP member. I am sure that the principle of every party that thinks about its people and nation and fights on behalf of its nation requires a view in the same direction. In this context, on the contrary of a logic that sanctifies the party with a contrary view, sanctifies the leader of the party even though he is at the head of his state, puts it in a completely different place and says ‘Everything is the party’; We are proud and honored to serve the mentality that says, ‘Everything is our nation, our Republic, our flag, our state’ as we go to the 100th anniversary of our Republic.”


Reminding that the IMM Assembly abolished the system that gave İSKİ a monthly increase according to the WPI-CPI after they took office, İmamoğlu said, “Why did he remove it? ‘Sir, why do you want a discount? Get discount. But we also abolish your raise procedure.’ Why? ‘We are the majority in parliament. You will give us a raise, we will decide.’ Well, let it be. No matter how many times we brought it, fifty excuses, a hundred excuses about water… Most of the times they didn’t. Very few times, there have been meaningless hikes, etc., according to their minds,” he said.

Pointing out that İSKİ is in the last place among metropolitan cities in Turkey in terms of service cost, İmamoğlu gave examples of Melen and Terkos. Saying, “Some people say that water money is a huge burden on people,” İmamoğlu said, “Let me tell all of our citizens: When we took office, your water bills and electricity bills were almost the same. Look at the electricity bill with the water bill coming to your home today; almost one-fifth to one-sixth. So is the water bill free? Not free water. Then electricity is also free. Electricity is also made from water flowing from hydroelectric power plants. But it is not. Water also comes here with money. How is it coming? Let me give you an example. Not one year, two years, three years. Look, İSKİ’s water bill was around 200 million liras in January, -I’m ashamed to say it in old money, 200 trillion liras- currently the monthly water bill is close to 600 million liras. In other words, we are struggling with such a huge hike,” he said.


Sharing the information that they will make an additional budget proposal for İSKİ to the IMM Assembly, which will convene next week, İmamoğlu said:

“İSKİ’s budget and İSKİ’s tariff are non-political. It is the work of pouring water from the tap of our nation. In this context, I wish all political parties that have a group in the Assembly to act sensitively and to be careful about excluding İSKİ from these concepts. In this respect, next week, İSKİ has a healthy budget and serves our nation. Look, yesterday İSKİ was governed by another political party. Today, İSKİ is governed by another political party. But look, I have bureaucrat friends here. My General Manager, my assistant general managers, my department heads… They know themselves. At least 80 percent, 90 percent are our friends from the previous period. The working officer of the nation is not the officer of the party, he is the officer of the nation. Therefore, these friends of ours, who are civil servants of the state, see this mistake. Just as every citizen who has been in a rush for justice from past to present sees it, those precious officials of our state also see it. I mean the political parties that have a group in the parliament. Let them not embarrass themselves. And I wish them to take rational budget decisions that befit Istanbul and our nation.”

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