Vice President of Religious Affairs targeted women: ‘It’s as if there are no clothes to wear’

A new one has been added to the statements made by many people, from sect and community representatives to Diyanet officials, targeting women and their clothing styles. Describing Qur’an courses for 4-6 years old as “preschool education” and blaming citizens for their fat tails, Vice President of Religious Affairs Burhan İşliyen, on Diyanet TV, where his speeches from the podium at Hacı Bayram Veli Mosque were broadcast under the title “From the Chair of Burhan İşliyen and Hacı Bayram”. On the show, he criticized women’s clothing. Talking about weddings, İşliyen said, “I enter the hall once, so that our sisters should not be angry with me, it is as if there are no clothes to wear, they are miserable. Why are you like this? Did Allah give an order that you should cover yourself when entering the mosque, and open it when entering the wedding hall?” said. Making a call to men, İşliyen said, “Fathers, brothers, husbands; Shouldn’t we suggest, advise and guide our wives and daughters in this regard? A Muslim stance is necessary. He opened all the veils, violated the borders, started to commit haram. A Muslim cannot do this. Our lifestyle should be in keeping with the book. Our weddings and entertainment should be according to the book.”


It is not the first time that women’s clothes have been targeted on Diyanet TV. Imam Halil Konakcı said, “The streets are like butcher shops. Idris Bozkurt, a member of the High Council of Religious Affairs, who participated in a program on Diyanet TV shortly after the words “Seeing meat makes us look out of place” came to the fore, said, “Women should cover their hands, face and feet against foreigners who are getting married.” and that it would not be approved for women to go out in public with trousers”.

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