Forest fire in Manisa is partially under control

Soma district of Manisa was engulfed in flames with two forest fires on the same day. While the first fire that occurred in the vicinity of Adil District of the district at noon was brought under control in a short time with the intervention of the teams of the Forestry Operations Directorate, a second fire occurred, this time in Kızılören District, at around 16.00 in the afternoon.

The fire was intervened by 11 helicopters, 6 planes, 54 sprayers, 12 water tankers, 7 ground crew, 10 dozers and teams affiliated to Manisa Metropolitan Municipality Fire Brigade Department. On the other hand, nearly a thousand small and bovine animals in the neighborhoods near the fire area were evacuated.

On the other hand, work continues with 2 night vision helicopters and ground crews in the region.

Zafer Derince, İzmir Regional Director of Forestry, who made investigations in the fire area, stated that the fire was partially under control.The fire occurred around 4:00 pm. Our security guards are investigating the reason for the exit. Our teams, including our Manisa Metropolitan Municipality Fire Brigade, responded to the fire from the air and land immediately. Thank God, we prevented the fire before it reached our Heciz Neighborhood. Currently the fire is partially under control. We cannot say that it is completely extinguished. There are still some burns. Our cooling works continue under partial control. nothing to worry about” said.

Saying that the fire was overcome with the least damage, Soma Mayor Ali Tulup said, “Our manager gave the necessary instructions from the air. Our helicopters responded to the fire precisely. Our manager also guided the ground crews working from below. The most important thing was to save our neighborhood. There was no loss of life, but our lungs burned. We survived this fire with the least damage. I sincerely thank everyone who supported us,” he said.

Nazmi Yılmaz, one of the citizens in Heciz District, where the fire was very close, stated that they were afraid because of the fire and said, “The flames were almost falling in front of our houses, we put it out. We waited in front of our houses out of fear,” he said.


While many forest animals caught in the flames perished during the fire, forest management teams tried to revive a turtle that could escape from the flames by pouring water. It was seen that some turtles could not escape from the fire and perished.


Against the flames approaching the settlements near the fire, TOMAs affiliated to the Manisa Provincial Police Department were also deployed in the region. The cooling works of the teams in the fire area continue.

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