Once again, Welfare Party member Ömer Yıldız said ‘Murder is obligatory’: Gülşen filed a criminal complaint

Singer Gülşen, who was investigated for her words about imam hatip followers more than four months ago, was arrested and later released under house arrest and judicial control.

Omer Yildiz, Kagithane District President of the Welfare Party Again, for his remarks cited as the reason for Gülşen’s arrest, “The murder of this woman is obligatory. Let Gülşen be arrested” had shared. Yıldız had deleted his post after the reactions.


According to the news on Halk TV, Gülşen’s lawyer Emre Emek took action after Yıldız’s sharing. Emre filed a criminal complaint with the Istanbul Chief Public Prosecutor’s Office. In the criminal complaint, it was demanded that an investigation and an indictment be issued against Yıldız for “violating the constitution”, “inciting the public to hatred and enmity”, “threatening to spread fear and panic among the people”, “inciting to commit a crime” and ex officio.


An investigation was launched against Gülşen and she was arrested because of her words against the imam hatip followers on 30 April. Gülşen’s arrest drew a great reaction. Gülşen, who was taken to Bakırköy Women’s Closed Prison, was released on the condition of house arrest and judicial control. Gülşen’s lawyer, Emre Emek, applied for the abolition of house arrest, and the application was rejected.

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