Aegean letter from Turkey to NATO and UN

According to the information Anadolu Agency obtained from diplomatic sources, the letters sent to 25 EU capitals, the EU High Representative Borrell, the Permanent Members of the UN Security Council, and the NATO and UN Secretaries General, drew attention to Greece’s unlawful actions and maximalist demands. withdrew.

The letter states that there are a number of closely related and interrelated problems in the Aegean Sea, such as the extent of territorial waters and national airspace, the limitation of the continental shelf and territorial waters, the violation of the non-military status of the Eastern Aegean Islands, the sovereignty of Greece by valid international treaties. It was emphasized that there are unturned islands, islets and cliffs and service areas such as SAR, FIR and NAVTEX.

Emphasizing that Greece claims to have 10 nautical miles of airspace despite the width of the territorial waters in the Aegean is 6 nautical miles, the letter underlines that Greece is the only country in the world that is not recognized by any other country and has non-overlapping territorial waters and airspace borders. drawn.

On the other hand, it was stated in the letter that Turkey believes that Aegean issues can be resolved within the framework of international law with mutual recognition of the fundamental rights and legitimate interests of the two countries.

The letter also stated that despite Turkey’s pro-dialogue and cooperation stance, Greece avoided dialogue, escalated tensions and made the EU a part of Aegean problems.

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