prof. Dr. It has been confirmed that the person who threatened Esin Davutoğlu Şenol is a fake doctor

Turkish Medical Association (TTB), in a written statement today, Prof. Dr. Esin Davutoglu Senoltargeting and threatening Mustafa Yucel On August 4, 2022, he announced that he had sent a letter to the Ministry of Health, General Directorate of Health Services, Turkish Medicines and Medical Devices Agency, Vice Presidency of Inspection Services, and the Turkish Pharmacists’ Association.

TTB, in the aforementioned articles, asked whether Yücel, who was not included in its records as a member, was a physician; He stated that Yücel recommended the mixtures that he claimed to produce as ‘medicine’ and that he received income from them, thus stating that there was a multi-faceted criminal situation and demanded that the necessary proceedings be initiated against Yücel.


In the statement of the TTB, the following were noted regarding the replies to the aforementioned articles:

  • Noting that similar complaints had been received against Mustafa Yücel before, the Ministry stated that the General Directorate of Legal Services had both applied to the criminal judgeship of peace to prevent access to the relevant websites and notified the Turkish Medicines and Medical Devices Agency. Noting that the access ban requests were rejected, the Ministry stated that a criminal complaint was filed with the Office of the Chief Public Prosecutor.
  • It was also stated in the article that the Turkish Pharmaceuticals and Medical Devices Agency both applied for an access ban and filed a criminal complaint after the investigation. Confirming that Mustafa Yücel is not a physician, the Ministry of Health stated that a letter has been written to the health authorities of the countries where Yücel claims to operate, and that the relevant administrative and judicial processes will be followed in the next process.

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