The driver of the overturned tour bus in Çanakkale was arrested

In the accident that occurred yesterday morning in Çanakkale’s Ezine district, the 34 KLC 80 plate tour bus under the direction of Özgür Ercan, who came to Çanakkale from Kocaeli, fell into the water canal on the roadside as a result of the loss of steering control.


Ambulance, gendarmerie and fire crews were dispatched to the scene. While 54 people in the vehicle were injured in the accident, Uğur Seçil Cetinkaya, who was a passenger, lost his life. Özgür Ercan, the bus driver, who was detained by the Provincial Gendarmerie Command after the accident, was transferred to the courthouse after his actions in the gendarmerie. Ercan was arrested by the court he was brought to.


In the accident in which 54 people were injured, 45 injured were discharged, while Gülcan Uzun (61), Erdoğan Çınar (67), Nurcihan Eşlik (69), Ayşe Dinç (66), Serpil Dinç (68), Hayriye Sönmez (64) Mehmet Akif Ersoy State Hospital. On the other hand, Münire Yazıcı (56), Nuran Doğru (70), and Dilek Nogay Kanmaz (51) continue their treatment at Çanakkale Onsekiz Mart University Hospital.

It was learned that the condition of the patients who continued their treatment was good.

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